I am seriously obsessed with ColourPop .  It seems every (America based) Beauty Youtuber worth their salt either raves about them, or has done a collaboration with them.  What I want to know is; when will they start shipping to the UK?  According to their FAQ page, they are hoping to ship to Europe soon, but not soon enough in my opinion.  I want to get my sweaty little hands on most of the collection, but I think their highlighters would be top of my list.  Or maybe a few eyeshadows… or blushes, wait no – definitely a couple of bronzers.  I wonder if I could justify buying one of everything? Would my husband decide I had finally lost it and leave me? I’m not sure I’d even notice if he did, to be honest; I would be so busy swatching, and spreading those gloriously pigmented colours all over my face and laughing with delight.  Too much? Yes, probably.

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