Maybelline Superstay 24 Lip Colour – Does it Superstay?

Being fairly new to lipsticks and glosses (yes, really), the struggle of finding lip colours that last without drying my lips out is not something I have had to contend with previously.  But I can honestly say, the struggle is real.  As I have mentioned before, I always preferred not to use lipsticks (I’m including all lip products in this – other than lip balms and creams), because I used to find that they would cause my sensitive lips to become dry, and sore.

It wasn’t until this year at the grand old age of (ahem) that I finally thought I would give the world of lip products another go.  So, being me and not doing anything by halves, I promptly bought several thousand lipsticks, lip butters, and lip glosses.  For the most part, I haven’t had a problem.  I suspect that nothing has changed my end, but the formula of lipsticks etc, has come a long way since the dark ages.

Anyway, the point of this fascinating little ramble is that I recently purchased the Maybelline Superstay 24 Lipcolour.  I only bought one shade; their bestselling Soft Taupe.  Incidentally, I already have this colour in a different formulation, apparently I’m boring like that.



The idea is that you apply the lipcolour, wait two minutes for it to dry, then slick the lip balm over the top to condition.   Maybelline state that it will then last up to 24 hours, with no crumbling, fading or transference.  So, how does it go on? Really smoothly actually; setting pretty quickly without feeling overly drying.  It didn’t bleed on me, and although not glossy, it isn’t too matte either.  Weirdly, the first time I wore it, I noticed that it disappeared a couple of hours later.  On subsequent occasions, however, it has lasted.  And lasted.  To the point that I actually struggled to get it off again, but there’s always something isn’t there?

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