Exciting New Makeup Brand – Freedom London

June was an exciting month in the beauty world, lots of new products and a whole new brand launched. Freedom Makeup has been developed by the name behind Makeup Revolution – Adam Minto (AKA Mr Makeup). Being a pretty big Revolution fan, I couldn’t wait to get my grubby mitts on some Freedom bits and bobs. I ordered almost immediately, and waited eagerly for my delivery.


It is billed as a professional range, which I am not, but it is available for us unprofessionals too. So far all purchases must be made online, but I believe they may be launching in stores soon.

Pro Curve Mascara

First up Pro Curve Mascara– of course there would be a mascara, this is me we’re talking about. This mascara is ok. It isn’t anything special, but it’s £2. That’s two pounds, people! If you are on a tight budget, then this mascara is perfectly adequate, it just won’t give you the fattest, longest lashes of everyone in the room. Well, unless you’re the only one there, then I suppose it will.

Purr and Meow
Purr and Meow

Next, two of the Pro Glow powder compacts (of which there are four) Meow and Purr; £2.50 each. I’m not entirely sure what to make of these, they are designed to be swept over the skin to create a glow, or you can pick out individual shades. I found that these are more bronzer than anything else – which is fine by me – and they are very soft and powdery. So a light hand is definitely needed, I all but rammed my brush in to Purr and it made quite the mess.
I mentioned the Pro Correct Palette (£5) in my Super Speedy Routine post I really love this palette. As someone who literally dreams about finding a concealer that will actually hide their dark circles, correctors and concealers are extremely exciting. This one is very creamy, and not at all drying under the eyes. I have used it almost every time I have done my makeup in the last month.

Pro Correct Palette

I also went for a highlighter; Pro Highlight, in Brighten, because I just can’t get enough highlighters. I do love to get my glow on. This highlighter is a very useful addition to my growing collection, it is not overly pigmented, but is just glowy enough to wear on more natural makeup days.

Pro Highlight in Brighten
Play Kit and Stunning Rose Kit
Play Kit and Stunning Rose Kit

The eyeshadow palettes that I purchased are a bit hit and miss, if I’m honest. The Pro Shade and Brighten palette ‘Play Kit’ contains some lovely purples and blues, with a pretty green thrown in for good measure. These colours are mostly great, with excellent pigmentation, although the plummy purple colour disappears when it is blended. The ‘Stunning Rose Kit’ palette on the other hand, is fantastic; pigmented, soft and blendable. What more can a girl ask for? At £2.50 each, these palettes are a steal. Being very small palettes, they are perfect for popping in your bag for touch ups.

Overall, I have been very impressed with Freedom Makeup. If you have thought about purchasing, but have been undecided, then I say go for it. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Have you purchased anything from Freedom yet? If so, what did you get, and what do you think?

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