A Tool to Make Washing Brushes Less of a Chore? Yes Please!


Hands up if you hate washing your makeup brushes… I realise you can’t see me, but my hand is waving madly in the air.  I really dislike doing it, and the thought of it actually makes me a little cross.  Ridiculous? Probably, yes.  Anyway, while browsing Amazon looking for something completely unrelated, this intriguing little gizmo popped up in my recommended items. This tool has made washing my make-up brushes easier, and slightly  less painful.


The BrushEgg

It is a little rubber sleeve that fits over two fingers, and it can be used to aid the cleaning of brushes.  The process couldn’t be simpler; just pop some soap/brush cleaner/baby shampoo on the end of the brushes (or directly on the BrushEgg) and rub it over the little grooves on the flat side of the rubber egg-shaped tool.  It creates a lovely lather, and all the grime and makeup can be washed away never to be seen again.  There were no instructions included (I like instructions, they are my friend), but according to the item details on Amazon, the technique is to create lather with the little nubbins (that is the technical term, in case you are wondering) on the end, and then use the grooves to agitate the bristles and give them a good clean.




Using it is a little awkward; it is a pretty tight on two fingers, but too spacious for just one.  I was doing a mass clean when I used it, so it did get a bit uncomfortable towards the end of the process.  It definitely made cleaning my brushes easier and quicker though, as opposed to rubbing each brush on the palm of my hand, as I usually would.   There doesn’t seem to be any damage to the bristles, although it is quite soon to say for sure if regular use will be too harsh. The best thing about this tiny tool though? The price: find it for between £1 and £5 online.  This one cost me £1.40 from Amazon. It really is a good egg (yeah, I went there).


Have you ever tried anything like this? Do you use any other useful tools for the dreaded task of brush washing?

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