A Luxurious Deep Clean – Clarisonic Mia 2

There are some purchases in life that are impulse buys: see it, want it, buy it. Then there are others that, for whatever reason, require a little bit of research first.  For me, the Clarisonic Mia 2 falls into the latter category.  I spent approximately 98 years researching it before I went ahead and dropped a ridiculously large amount of money on my very own sonic cleansing brush. I did manage to use a discount code, so didn’t pay full price.  But still.


Clarisonic Mia 2

The Clarisonic brushes are designed  to deep clean the skin so well that fine lines and pores are less visible, and  all products will be absorbed even better.  There are a variety of brush heads, for all types of skin, from oily to sensitive, and even a ‘Cashmere Cleanse’ brush head for mature skin.

I have the sensitive head on mine, and it feels very soft and the bristles are flexible.  My main concern, other than the eye-watering price, was that it would be too severe for my (sometimes sensitive) skin.  I have never had any sort of negative reaction, although I wouldn’t recommend using the liquid cleanser that Clarisonic provides – it’s just nasty.

Although the Clarisonic brushes are not technically exfoliators, the Mia 2 leaves my skin clean, soft and glowing.  It isn’t a chore to use either – and this comes from someone who wishes that their skin was self-cleaning – I would actually describe it as pleasant to use.  It’s quite relaxing, like a mini facial massage.  To use, simply wet the brush and face, then put the cleanser on the brush (any sort of foaming/ creamy cleanser will do), or directly on to the face.  Turn it on (duh), and then using circular motions, gently rub the brush over the forehead for 20 seconds;  then chin and nose for another 20 seconds; then each cheek for 10 seconds at a time.  The Mia 2 has a timer, so will buzz when each time period is up, so no counting is involved. It is -apparently- gentle enough to use twice a day, and is -definitely- waterproof, so can be used in the shower.

I mainly use mine on the evenings when I have worn a full face of makeup (removing eye makeup first), because I feel confident that it will deeply clean.  The proof is in the pudding (err, I mean cotton wool pad); when I follow up with toner, the cotton wool comes away clean, without a trace of foundation on it.


How do you get a deep clean?  Do you think expensive gadgets are necessary, or just a waste of money?

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