Products Used – Would I Repurchase?

Last week I shared with you my monthly favourites for the month of July, but what about the items I have used up over the last few weeks? I know you are just desperate to see my empty bits and bobs.




Starting with the shampoo I have been loving for the last two months; the Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Shampoo.  I did an in-depth review here, so I will simply say I love this shampoo (and the conditioner, but that is far from empty) for my fine hair.  I won’t be repurchasing, but only because I can’t justify the high price at the moment.

Next, I have the lovely Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop.  I have been using this cleanser on and off for years, and have purchased it more than once.  It is a lovely soothing cleansing oil, and I would recommend it for both morning cleansing, and removing makeup.  As is the norm with an oil, it is applied to dry skin, and then massaged in with a small amount of water.  It turns to milky consistency, and melts away dirt and makeup alike.  Love the stuff.  I’m sure I will buy it again in the future, but for now I am enjoying changing it up a bit (I confess, I am a fickle beast).

I have also used – at a ridiculous speed, I might add – the Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Gel.  It smells like marshmallows! Need I say more?

Next, is the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub.  This is a lovely gritty body scrub that does the job, without leaving an unpleasant greasy feel to the skin. It does have quite a strong scent, and if it isn’t followed by body lotion and/or perfume, then it does linger into the day.  I would purchase this again, although I am just as happy with any number of other body scrubs.

Finally, two Lush cleansers; Let the Good Times Roll, and Angels on Bare Skin.  I have mentioned both of these previously (here, and here) and I love them both.  I have already repurchased Let the Good Times Roll, and I use it every morning with joy.  I am actually having a bit of a love affair with Lush at the moment, after not discovering them until very recently, and I have a few other products on the go that I hope to review soon!

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