Glossybox – September 2015

Glossybox September 2015


The September Glossybox – the Style Edition – comes in a gorgeous box with a pastel water colour style image on the front.  Inside there is the usual wrapping; tissue paper bound with a bright pink ribbon.  This being my first Glossybox, I was so excited to open it and discover the contents.  I have deliberately avoided reading other reviews online, to avoid spoiling the surprise.  While I am glad I did, I have to be honest I was really disappointed with the contents this month.

This month’s Glossybox contains five products, all of which are full-sized.  Two hair related items; one makeup; one tool; and one nail polish.  All designed to be the ‘starter kit for the new season’.




Bellapierre Shimmer Powder

This is a really pretty greyish, shimmery loose eyeshadow,  Being the clumsy oaf that I am, I usually avoid loose shadows, because the chances of me dropping it all over the carpet are higher than the chances of Mail Online featuring a Kardashian based article on any given day.  I will, however, be braving the mess, and will give this pretty shadow a go – even if I sit in the garden to apply it.

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro

A lovely soft shader brush.  I am amassing quite the brush collection, mainly because the more I have, the longer I can go between washes.  I’m just waiting for the day that someone invents a quality disposable brush.  Anyone want to get on that? Anyone? *watches tumbleweed rolling past*

Although I have never heard of the brand Marsk, I am not really a brush snob, and as long as it does the job I am not fussy what name is printed on the side.

Maria Nila Luminous Colour Hair Masque

This masque smells lovely, and is both sulphate and paraben free, in addition to being vegan.  I don’t  currently have coloured hair, but that won’t stop me slathering this baby all over my hair.  It promises to give me the ‘glossiest locks ever’, which can’t be bad.


September-2015-Glossybox (2)


Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring

These little hair ties are described as a ‘…clever spiral design…[that will] secure your locks without leaving a kink…’  What strange contraptions they are. With their spring-like shape they looked to me – on first impressions – as though they would simply become a tangled mess.  In all honesty, that first impression was correct.  Now, I don’t have enough length to test these out properly (as in wear them out for the day – not unless I want to look a bit odd with a mini ponytail perched on the top of my head), but I did try one as I was curious about the shape, and I thought perhaps my three year old could get some use out of them.  Ouch! It immediately became entangled, and really did not want to come free again.  Sadly, not something I will be using if I ever grow my hair out again.

Nails Inc Nail Polish

The colour of this polish – a greenish khaki colour – would not be one that I would normally choose.  However, It is actually a perfect shade for Autumn.  The Nails Inc formulation is a winner in my eyes, their polishes go on smoothly, and last a decent amount of time on my poor mistreated nails.


I had been toying with the idea of subscribing to a beauty subscription for a many months prior to this month, and after a fair bit of research I narrowed it down to a choice of two.  I finally decided on Glossybox, because the past products seemed more suited to my tastes.  So I was super excited when this Style Edition box arrived.  Overall, I was not impressed with the contents.  Yes, the value is high (close to £65) but the products are really not that inspiring.  Hopefully the next month will be a little more exciting.

Now, I’m off to the back garden to do my eye makeup.


What do you think? Do you receive Glossyboxes, did you like the contents this month?




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  1. This box looks really good. I would have loved the khaki green nail polish! I got a pinky/nude one which I’m not too keen on! Not sure if you’ve cancelled your subcription or you’re still getting it, but I hope the next few boxes have been something that you’ve enjoyed more!!

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