Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara


I was very intrigued by the Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara, when it came in my October Glossybox .  I will confess to having a little tiny obsession with finding the perfect mascara. I’ve mentioned it before, but I would really like to find a black mascara that thickens my lashes without giving me deadly spikes.  I also like them to stay curled, and ‘upright’. I have tried more than I should admit to (here and here are a couple, but I mention one in nearly every blog post; sorry, not sorry), and have multiple tubes on the go at all times.

So.  This Jelly Pong Pong mascara is supposed to continually curl lashes throughout the day.  Now this is not the time to get into a discussion about whether they mean continually or continuously, because I can’t say with certainty that it does either.

I have used this mascara a few times, and while being lovely, it certainly didn’t spontaneously curl my eyelashes.  However, ignoring my interpretation of Jelly Pong Pong’s claims, this is actually a really nice mascara.  It isn’t overly wet, but isn’t dry and clumpy either.  When I used eyelash curlers prior to applying, my eyelashes didn’t droop and straighten, which is a massive plus.  Despite being large and poky, the brush is fantastic for separating the lashes and giving lift.

If you want fairy lashes and don’t mind the high price (£17.95 here), then I would definitely recommend the Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara.  Although it isn’t exactly what I have been looking for, it is pretty darned close, and I will definitely continue to use it.  Whether or not I will repurchase, I am not sure as £18 is a little more than I would like to pay.


Have you tried the Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara? What is your holy grail mascara?

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Glossybox – October 2015

After the disappointment that was September’s Glossybox, I was not overly excited about the contents of this month’s pink box.  Fortunately I was at home when it was delivered this time – unlike last month, when I had to face the horror of the never-ending queue at my local Royal Mail Delivery Office.

I am not afraid to admit that I was a little anxious about opening it.  I know this sounds dramatic, but the fact is funds are pretty limited in our house at the moment, and when my lovely parents gave me some money for my birthday I put a lot of thought into which subscription box to choose.  Knowing that I possibly won’t be able to renew when this subscription ends, I was obviously hoping for fantastic contents each month.  Unfortunately Glossybox weren’t aware of this, otherwise I am sure they would have put more effort into my first box.



Anyway *spoiler alert* I am more than happy with October’s box.  Yay.  So before I get on with what’s inside, let me mention that the contents this month are ALL full size, and the total value is just over £70! Not bad for around £10 (the amount you pay varies depending on the length of the subscription, and P&P is added to that amount – more info here)


So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil – £15

A pinky ivory crayon, designed for highlighting and bringing radiance.  So Susan claim that this pencil can also be used on dark circles to brighten.  I’m not sure about that, because it has the typical feel of a pencil product – waxy yet dry at the same time.  Personally, I would stick to using it to line the waterline, to make eyes look more awake.


Talika Photo-Hydra Day – 30ml – £24.85

Described as a deeply hydrating moisturiser, apparently this is the ‘first cream to use energy from natural light to delve deep into skin and moisturise it’.  I have no idea what that even means, but it sounds exciting! I have skincare coming out of my ears at the moment, so I have left this generous tube sealed for the time being.  As soon as I get an opportunity though, I will use it and will report back.



Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara – £17.95

I have never used anything by Jelly Pong Pong, although their packaging is gorgeous, and their products are 100% cruelty free.  This mascara contains Moringa Seed resin, that ‘dries down and holds the curl of lashes for long-lasting results’.  I have used it a few times, and I do like it.  I am planning a more detailed review of it; this will follow in a few days.


Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge – £6.50

Blending sponges are a very handy tool for applying all sorts of liquid products.  Used damp they can give a really natural finish to the skin, when used to apply foundation. Of the four that I have used (read more about those here) the Nicka K Airbrush FX Blending Sponge is most like the Lottie London Blend and Snap sponge in texture.  It is quite heavy, and dense, which can make it feel a little hard and uncomfortable when pressing it on the face.


Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream – 50ml – £8.99

A hand cream that also kills germs?!  Not something I have ever seen before, but when I saw the Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream, I wondered why on earth not.  I do tend to carry around a hand sanitiser since having children (it’s a mum thing – I always have tissues and baby wipes too).  I don’t spend a huge amount of time thinking about germs, but I do like to clean my hands before eating and after touching any of my children (I jest!).  I do find hand sanitisers to be quite drying, and they sometimes sting a bit too, so the idea of a hand cream/sanitiser hybrid is genius.  In reality, however, putting hand cream on just before eating, or when hands are grubby, just feels a bit yuck.  The actual hand cream itself is lovely; it is very moisturising, and it soaks in quickly.  The scent is quite strong, which could be off putting to some sensitive skin types.


So that is the contents of the October Glossybox all unwrapped.  All in all, an excellent value box, with some really excellent products.  I am already looking forward to next month, hoping it will be just as exciting.

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My Evening Routine

After a lot of fiddling around with the products that I use in the evening, I have now had a long stretch of consistently using the same bits and bobs, and I thought I would share my routine for cleansing etc at the end of the day.






I haven’t used an actual eye make-up remover for ages now, instead opting for Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to do the job.  I find that this works just as well, and isn’t remotely oily – which some eye make-up removers can be.  It also doesn’t sting the eyes, an obvious risk when applying anything near the eyeballs.  I use a cotton pad soaked in the Micellar Cleansing water all over to get the majority of my make-up off, before continuing with the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser to thoroughly cleanse (more on the Nip+Fab cleanser here) 

The next step is a quick one; a speedy wipe over with the Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion.  I have been using this for a few months (I mentioned it in my July Favourites) and I still love it for ensuring all the cleanser has left the building.  It is gentle – as the name would suggest – and doesn’t dry out my skin at all.  I follow this with either Alpha-H Liquid Gold or, more recently, I have been using the Ole Henrikson Invigorating Night Treatment * This contains – amongst other things – Glycolic Acid (read about my new best friend here ).  Glycolic Acid works by penetrating the skin layers and helping the dead skin to fall away (yes, this is the technical term). Thus leaving soft healthy skin behind, with less visible lines and wrinkles.

If using Liquid Gold (2-3 times a week) then I will stop there, as it is more effective when it is not followed by a moisturiser.  If not, then I will use Soap and Glory’s For Daily Youth , which I talk about more in-depth here.  Again, I have been using this for a few months and I really love it for light, but hydrating, moisturising.  I may need to switch it up for a heavier cream now that we are entering the colder months, as my skin will no doubt become dryer.

Finally, eye cream.  I actually have several on the go at the moment, but the one I reach for most is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery EyeThis eye cream is pretty expensive (£24.50 for 15ml) and it’s fine, but not amazing.  To be honest, I bought it because Kiehl’s state that it will reduce dark circles.  I actually feel a bit silly admitting that I fell for this, as I suspect there is no product on earth that reduces hereditary dark circles (although if you know of one, please let me in on that secret!).  While it doesn’t do what I had hoped, it is very moisturising and gentle on the eye area.  As to whether it has helped with fine lines, well, who knows?! That’s the problem with fine lines and wrinkles, they are either there, or they’re not.  Who can really prove why they aren’t there, when they are not?

Having written all the steps down, it seems like a never ending process.  It’s all over in a few minutes though, and it is worth it for me.  I dread to think how haggard I would look if I didn’t take five minutes out of my day to properly cleanse and moisturise.  Ugh.


How about you, do you like to keep it simple, or do you have even more steps than me?


*This little pot was a PR sample and was part of a skincare set, everything else was purchased by me.

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The Perfect Autumn Nail Colour

I do love Autumn.  I love warm jumpers and hot tea; crunching through the leaves and sunshine on a crisp morning. I also love cosy dark evenings under a blanket watching Daryl Dixon save the world from Walkers.  I also love the colour spectrum of red, burgundy and gold – all of which I associate with Autumn.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about which nail polish is appropriate for which month, but I do find that I am attracted to deeper colours during the colder months.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  For me, the perfect colour for nails this time of year is Tate, by Nails Inc.




Tate is a fabulous rich red; you could say it is autumn in a bottle.  In fact I will say it.  This nail polish is autumn in a bottle.  I also have a soft spot for Nails Inc.  I love the smoothness of the application, and the even colour. I own several Nails Inc polishes, and they are consistently excellent. It can be a real pain when a nail varnish needs more than two coats to get decent coverage.  It’s time consuming, not to mention that the more layers, the longer it takes to fully dry, and really, who has time for that?

Now, I’m off to light an autumnal candle and curl up with a comforting cup of tea.


And that’s all I have to say about that.








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Nars Crystal Powder – A Flawless Finish Even for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, setting powders can be both a blessing and a curse.  While useful for setting concealer – to stop it moving around, and creasing – powders can also simply highlight the areas that you really would like to keep under wraps.   Personally, I have tried a few over the years, and loved only one.  The Nars Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Setting Powder is that one.





It comes in both loose and pressed form – I have the loose variety.  What makes it so lovable for me, is the texture,  It is silky smooth, and so finely milled that it is hard not to inhale it while applying. I am pretty sure the inside of my lungs reflect light like the moon.  A little bit goes a long way, and a light dusting over concealer is enough to brighten and set the under eye area.  Being so lightweight, it doesn’t cause that dusty dried out skin that is so ageing – which is particularly wonderful.

I also like to use the Nars Crystal Powder on my forehead, where I can suffer from visible pores.  Rather than clinging on to dry patches and settling into lines, it simply glides over the skin leaving my forehead as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  The lasting power is reasonably good, and it fades naturally without becoming patchy or lumpy. Oily skin types would probably need to reapply during the day, but fear not, it still does not cake.  It really is miraculous!

The one downside is the price – £26.50 here, or £25 for the Light Reflecting Setting Pressed Powder here. ( I haven’t used the pressed powder myself, but I have heard that it is also excellent.)  However, the pot is a large one – 10g/0.35oz – and will last for ages.  So assuming one doesn’t breathe it all in, then it will last a good while.  Well worth the cost in my opinion.


You may also like to read: Affordable Foundation for Dry Skin 



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Easy on the Eyes : A Book Review

Easy on the Eyes is a new book, written by make-up artist to the stars Lisa Potter Dixon, which showcases eye looks that can be created in 5, 15 and 30 minutes. I have never bought a make-up manual before, but thought I would give this one a go. Everything I know about make-up application, I have either picked up by simply experimenting, or – more recently – by watching YouTube.  I was hoping for lots of detail, with nice clear pictures and a decent amount of looks that I could butcher  recreate in my own time.





The book itself starts with the basics; covering how to get the best possible base, how to perfect your brows and apply mascara like a pro.  There are also several pages dedicated to applying false lashes.  Then on to smoky eyes, eyeliner techniques and glittery intense looks.

What I do like about Easy on the Eyes are the clear, detailed pictures and easy to understand instructions.  Ms Potter Dixon is clearly very down to earth, and it comes across in the style of her writing – it’s almost like chatting with a friend. I would say, though, that this book is aimed at someone who perhaps is a beginner with make-up; I am certainly no expert, but I don’t feel that I have learned any new techniques as such.  That’s not to say I haven’t picked up a couple of little tips along the way, though.  For example, applying mascara to the lower lashes first, so as not to end up with black smudges along the upper lids.

I also like that it is broken down into different time frames; allowing the reader to choose based on the time available to them.  The more time you have, the more detailed the liner, for example.

I would have liked to see a little bit of variation in the looks that are created, most of the tutorials seem to be for a smoky eye.  In addition to this, I think perhaps Easy on the Eyes could have gone into more detail about different eye shapes and the techniques that suit them.  There are just a few lines of text about each eye shape, with an illustrated picture of the eye shape in question, but I think pictures of real eyes would be more helpful. What with the author being Benefit’s head make-up artist, the book is choc-full of their products, which may influence younger readers towards buying Benefit.  Obviously, this is fantastic for Benefit, but it does make the book feel more like one massive advert for the brand, rather than Lisa Potter Dixon’s talents.


Overall, Easy on the Eyes is an attractive book that would make a great gift for a young-ish girl (or boy!), or someone who is just starting out with make-up.  It is easy to read, and simple to follow, with techniques that can be adapted to suit the individual wearer.


Have you read Easy on the Eyes? Can you recommend any other books that detail make-up application?

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