My Everyday Make-Up : Autumn Edition

Since the summer when I last wrote about my everyday make-up, the list of products has changed quite a bit.  So, I thought I would do an updated list of my favourite pretty stuff to put on my face.




I usually change up my actual base products depending on how I’m feeling that day, and depending how much coverage I need.  Two products that are pretty constant though are the Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer, and the Yves Saint Laurent Touche EclatThe Make Up Forever concealer is heavy duty, and I’m not sure it is really designed for under the eyes as it is a little drying.  If used with a good moisturiser and eye cream then it is just about acceptable, although it doesn’t cover my dark circles completely. I use the Touche Eclat to brighten things up a little.  The next three steps may be familiar to you if you have read my blog before; Nars Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Setting Powder, followed by the new(ish) H&M Bronzer, and blusher.  I love the Nars powder for setting any shiny areas, and it is probably the only powder I have ever used that I can use on my dry skin (read more here).  I have been using the H&M Solar Flair Bronzing Powder in Sheer Tan, and the Cream Blusher in Dusty Rose for two months, and I still love them both from the bottom of my heart.  I have more or less used them both non-stop ands I just keep coming back to them; particularly the blusher – it is my absolute favourite (read more about H&M Beauty here).



Recently, I have been going more for warm eyeshadows, whereas before I would only wear cool toned colours.  I blame the change in seasons.  My technique hasn’t changed much though, that still involves a darker colour in the crease and a complimentary sparkly colour on the lid.  Because my eyes are deep set, I just find that this is the best look for me.  Surprisingly for me, I have been using a brown shade in the crease, and the gorgeous orange shade above (surprising because brown and orange are my least favourite colours, along with yellow).  This is the Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette, and despite having it for several months, I hadn’t really dipped into it properly until this month.  I love this peachy orange (second row from the bottom, third from left).  Although it doesn’t look too interesting in the palette, on the eyelids it becomes this amazing shimmery peach/gold loveliness.



I have been trying this Bourjois Fan-Tastic Black Mascara recently, and it is pretty not bad.  The brush is just plain odd, I’m not sure that this picture does it justice.  It is basically a terrifying teeny tiny comb.  It works well separating the lashes, and adds a good amount of length, if you can get used to the idea of several rows of spikes coming towards your eyeball.  For eyebrows, I have fallen for this Brow Pencil in Vicious Circle by Topshop.  It is one of the Topshop Beauty items that I actually like.  It’s just soft enough, and has a built in spooly on the end to brush through brows.  I have found that using a pencil fro blonde hair actually works really well for me, despite the fact that I am very dark brunette.  I find using a dark brown pencil actually looks way too harsh on me, and the lighter shade is much more flattering.


The Chameleon Glow in Shuffle the Cards is a multi-use product; it is listed with the eyeshadows on Topshop’s website, but I use it as a highlighter too.  It is very gold, so only wear if you want to be mistaken for the sun.  The lipstick that I finish with is the lovely Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Olivia. One of my favourite nude lipsticks. It goes with every look, and gives just enough colour, with a hint of hydration.


I’m sure the colours of my eyeshadow will change as the days go by, and maybe the basics too.  For now though, these are my everyday go-to products, when I want there to be no uncertainty about the finished look.

Which products have you stuck with through thick and thin? Do you have any everyday products that you can’t part with?

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