Midweek Motivation



C.S. Lewis was an Irish author, born in the late 1800s.  He wrote the fantastic Narnia books, amongst many others.  He said, and wrote, many inspiring things, but I love this quote in particular.  I have been struggling lately with finding my niche.  Not in the blogging sense of the word, but in real life.  I often wish that I had a proper talent that would shine out of me like a beacon, but sadly I don’t.  I am fairly average at everything.  So, I like to think that this quote is true, and that there is still time for me to find the one thing that I can be amazing at.  I have many goals and dreams, maybe it’s not too late to achieve them.  And if not, perhaps my job on this earth is to have created  four wonderful children who will go on to be super heroes (not literally obviously, but how cool would that be?!).  We can all dream, right?


Thanks for reading, and have a happy Hump Day!



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