The Only Body Scrub You Will Ever Need

I can’t be the only person that just loves a good scrub.  There is not much that is more pleasing than sloughing off all that dead skin and yuck in the shower in the morning.  Over the years I have tried many, many body scrubs.  I always come back to one though: Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Oat Sugar and Shea Star Breakfast Scrub. 



 What I adore about this scrub is that it is a good all-rounder.  I personally cannot abide a scrub that is weak and doesn’t do its job.  I am fortunate that I don’t have particularly sensitive skin on my body (except for when it comes to shaving my legs, but that’s a whole other struggle) so I can get away with a good scrubby scrub.  That is exactly what the Breakfast Scrub is; it has excellent little polishing bits (not a plastic microbead in sight) that take away the hard, dead, flaky skin that nobody wants.  It also manages to moisurise without being greasy or slimy.  That is probably one of my most hated things in life; a scrub that refuses to be washed off.  I’m not naming any names, but I happen to have one of those sitting in my bathroom at the moment.

I honestly think it is the perfect scrub, and I feel that I have tried enough to make this somewhat bold statement. If you haven’t tried it already, what are you waiting for? Go buy it! (here)


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