Sunday Scent #1 — Eternity Moment

There are so many memories I associate with particular perfumes.  From the Body Shop must-haves Dewberry and White Musk as a pre-teen, to Clinique Happy in my early teens and Emporio Armani Lei in my late teens.  If I smell any of these scents now, they give me a blast of memories – some bad, some good.  I have always loved perfumes, and will wear it every day even when I have nowhere to go (er, isn’t that every day?).  With my collection growing at an alarming rate, I thought I would share with you weekly, or fortnightly what I am wearing that day.  I probably have enough to do this every week for a year. *hangs head in shame*.



So, today we are starting with an oldie, but a goody. Calvin Klein Eternity Moment. Created in 2004, this fruity floral favourite is not massively unique, but it is very easy to wear.

TOP NOTES: Guava, Raspberry, Litchi, and Melon.

MIDDLE NOTES: Passion Flower, Jasmine, Pink Peony and Water Lily.

BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Musk, Cashmere Wood and Brazilian Rosewood.

For me, it starts as a refreshing, floral burst, followed by a more fruity dry down.  Several hours in, it is still fresh and light, and although not as warm as I would usually choose, it is so inoffensive I can’t complain.  The longevity is great; I can still smell it over 12 hours later.  If you’re into sticking to the ‘rules’ (pah, who needs rules?!) then you may want to wear Eternity Moment during the day in the spring or summer.  Of course, if you want to wear it on a night out in the middle of January, then go for it.

The best part is that Eternity Moment is super affordable, currently £20 for 50ml here.


Have a relaxing Sunday, and thanks for reading!

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