What Does Make-Up Mean to You?

Why do you Wear Make-Up?

I am guessing that if you are here, then make-up is probably quite a big part of your life (or maybe not, everyone is welcome here).  But what does it mean to you? Do you feel you need it to cover something up; or is it to enhance what you already have? Perhaps you just love to play, and don’t take it seriously at all.  Perhaps it is your job.  Or maybe you are artistic, and make-up is a way to be creative.





Having two daughters now, the eldest of which is four, has caused me to question exactly what part make-up plays in my life.  I plan to revisit the topic of make-up and children at a later date, because I think it is important.  For now though, I will say that I want my girls to find make-up fun.  I want them to know they are beautiful without, but if they want to experiment, then I will support that.


What Does Make-Up Mean to Me?

The way I feel about make-up is a little bit of everything above (except for the job part, make-up artistry is a bit too touchy-feely for me).  Fortunately for me, I don’t have any major flaws to cover, and I am perfectly happy going out without it to the school, or supermarket.  However, anything further, and I will apply something.  Is that because I look hideous without it? No. It is simply that I enjoy the process of priming, concealing, highlighting and all the other bits in between.  Because of various body-confidence issues, I have a complicated relationship with clothes (and food for that matter), but make-up is different.  You don’t need a never-ending budget, or even a huge amount of skill, to look presentable.  You can do the same look day in day out, or you can look like a different person from one day to the next.  I am not averse to spending an hour getting my face ready, when time allows.  This isn’t because of vanity, although I am sure to some it would seem that way.  It is simply my way of relaxing in a hectic – and at times stressful – day.

Do I wear it to attract men? In all honesty, no.  Of course, I am married, so I am not looking to attract anyone else, but I don’t apply make-up with my husband in mind either.  Is that wrong?! If I was trying to keep him interested, then I would probably go for masses of red lipstick, and fluttery lashes.  I’m not though; there is more to our relationship than that.  He’s seen me give birth four times; I think he can handle seeing me make-up free.  Is there anything wrong with wearing make-up to please your other half? Absolutely not, if that makes you happy too.



Make-Up Shaming

So what if you choose not to wear make-up? That’s ok too. Does it mean you don’t respect yourself?  We seem to have entered a time where celebrities are so much more accessible than they used to be.  Instagram; Snapchat; Twitter and the like, all enable us to get a little peek into the lives of the super-rich.  So why do we (fuelled by certain media outlets) want to pour shame and scorn on well-known faces, who choose not to dress up to go food shopping, or to take the dog to the vet.   Does someone who chooses not to wear make-up have no self-respect, or do they have so much that they don’t need make-up to feel better about themselves? It is hard not to be judgmental sometimes – it’s certainly something I struggle with.  When you see that woman walking along the street, wearing a tracksuit, hair a mess, bare faced, do you think ‘uggh’, or ‘good for her; she doesn’t care what anyone thinks’?  Does it really matter though? After all, it should be what’s inside that counts, more than whether someone has contoured their way to oblivion.


So, tell me, why do you wear make-up? Is it for fun? Or do you have other reasons? Please share your thoughts below in the comments!


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