Sunday Scent #2 – Paul Smith Rose

I have to say, I am not one for wearing specific perfumes during particular seasons, or even for certain times of the day.  I know to some perfume collectors, this is unacceptable.  Being such a rebel (ha!) I have chosen to wear another ‘summer-appropriate’ perfume this weekend, despite it being the middle of winter.




Paul Smith Rose starts – no sh*t Sherlock – as a gorgeous, light, rose infused fragrance.  Apparently, the rose that inspired the perfume was one cultivated by Paul Smith’s wife, and given to him as a gift.  It isn’t old-lady rose though, it is refreshing and clean smelling.  It warms up very quickly, and becomes a much softer, more subtle rose scent, that lasts well throughout the day.  The projection (or Sillage) isn’t huge, and I don’t find it overbearing at all.

TOP NOTES: Violet, Green Tea and Rose

MIDDLE NOTES: Magnolia and Rose

BASE NOTES: Musk and Cedar


According to the Paul Smith website, during the making of Paul Smith Rose, ‘No blooms are harvested, crushed and distilled – instead the living flower is isolated in a glass bell and equipment ‘inhales’ the scent’. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Paul Smith Rose has to be one of my favourite floral scented perfumes.  I think it is appropriate for all occasions, and with it staying so close to the skin, it wouldn’t be overwhelming in an office environment.  If you love the smell of roses, then this is the perfume for you. Find it for under £20 for 100ml here.


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Midweek Motivation




Dr. Maya Angelou had an incredible life.  Born in the 1920s in St. Louis, Missouri, she became a young single mother shortly after graduating from high school. Despite having to work several jobs to support herself and her son, she still managed a successful career in the ’50s as a singer and performer.  This was followed by a stint in Egypt, and Ghana, in the ’60s working as a writer.  Angelou then went on to pen 36 books, 30 of which were bestseller.  The first of her books – I know Why the Caged Bird Sings – was the first non-fiction bestseller written by an African American woman.  What followed was a screenplay; an Emmy nomination and a Tony nomination for two of her acting roles; and several autobiographies and multiple poetry collections.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; Maya Angelou had many more accomplishments – a truly amazing woman.


Have a great week, and remember ‘You alone are enough…’

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A Little Something to Celebrate the New Year

So, it’s the beginning of January, December’s credit card bill was absolutely terrifying, and January will involve meals of dry bread and water.  And what do the shops do? They decide that now would be a good time to reduce all stock by 99% and are practically begging us to spend more, more, more!! Now, if you are like me then you will go ‘sod the sales, I am going to find the ONE item that is still full price and buy THAT instead’. Yeah, good thinking.   So, seeing that Beauty Bay are now stocking Makeup Geek (Excuse me, but when did this happen, and why did no-one inform me?) I thought I would do a little non-sale shopping.




Being a YouTube beauty tutorial addict, I have had it drummed in to my brain that Makeup Geek and Morphe eyeshadows are most excellent.  I admit, I am a sucker for eyeshadows, so it doesn’t take much persuasion for me to add more to my – slightly sickening – collection.



I decided on three ‘normal’ Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans (£4.95 each here); one Foiled Makeup Geek eyeshadow pan (£7.95 each here); and one Duo Chrome Makeup Geek eyeshadow pan (£4.95 each here).  The Morphe single eyeshadow selection is fairly limited (£1.95 each here), so I only purchased one.





To hold all these beautiful little pans, I have this smart Z Palette (£8.95 here).  This is the small size and will hold up to 9 pans of this size, it even comes with some magnetic stickers if you wanted to de-pot some existing blushers or eyeshadows.


Other than swatching, I haven’t had a chance to play with the shadows properly, but I plan to in the coming days.  Going by the swatches, I doubt I will be disappointed, but come back soon for a full review.

Have you tried any Makeup Geek, or Morphe? Do you love them, or are they not worth the YouTube hype?

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Sunday Scent #1 — Eternity Moment

There are so many memories I associate with particular perfumes.  From the Body Shop must-haves Dewberry and White Musk as a pre-teen, to Clinique Happy in my early teens and Emporio Armani Lei in my late teens.  If I smell any of these scents now, they give me a blast of memories – some bad, some good.  I have always loved perfumes, and will wear it every day even when I have nowhere to go (er, isn’t that every day?).  With my collection growing at an alarming rate, I thought I would share with you weekly, or fortnightly what I am wearing that day.  I probably have enough to do this every week for a year. *hangs head in shame*.



So, today we are starting with an oldie, but a goody. Calvin Klein Eternity Moment. Created in 2004, this fruity floral favourite is not massively unique, but it is very easy to wear.

TOP NOTES: Guava, Raspberry, Litchi, and Melon.

MIDDLE NOTES: Passion Flower, Jasmine, Pink Peony and Water Lily.

BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Musk, Cashmere Wood and Brazilian Rosewood.

For me, it starts as a refreshing, floral burst, followed by a more fruity dry down.  Several hours in, it is still fresh and light, and although not as warm as I would usually choose, it is so inoffensive I can’t complain.  The longevity is great; I can still smell it over 12 hours later.  If you’re into sticking to the ‘rules’ (pah, who needs rules?!) then you may want to wear Eternity Moment during the day in the spring or summer.  Of course, if you want to wear it on a night out in the middle of January, then go for it.

The best part is that Eternity Moment is super affordable, currently £20 for 50ml here.


Have a relaxing Sunday, and thanks for reading!

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The Only Body Scrub You Will Ever Need

I can’t be the only person that just loves a good scrub.  There is not much that is more pleasing than sloughing off all that dead skin and yuck in the shower in the morning.  Over the years I have tried many, many body scrubs.  I always come back to one though: Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Oat Sugar and Shea Star Breakfast Scrub. 



 What I adore about this scrub is that it is a good all-rounder.  I personally cannot abide a scrub that is weak and doesn’t do its job.  I am fortunate that I don’t have particularly sensitive skin on my body (except for when it comes to shaving my legs, but that’s a whole other struggle) so I can get away with a good scrubby scrub.  That is exactly what the Breakfast Scrub is; it has excellent little polishing bits (not a plastic microbead in sight) that take away the hard, dead, flaky skin that nobody wants.  It also manages to moisurise without being greasy or slimy.  That is probably one of my most hated things in life; a scrub that refuses to be washed off.  I’m not naming any names, but I happen to have one of those sitting in my bathroom at the moment.

I honestly think it is the perfect scrub, and I feel that I have tried enough to make this somewhat bold statement. If you haven’t tried it already, what are you waiting for? Go buy it! (here)


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*This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support of Joyful Things!*