Sunday Scent #5 – Clean Cashmere

You may remember from last week’s Sunday Scent, that I love Clean Skin the mostest out of all my perfumes (just don’t tell the others).  Clean Cashmere is up there in my favourites too.  What I didn’t mention in my Clean Skin post, is that the Clean scents are perfect for layering.  Cashmere, in particular, is excellent for changing other fragrances to create a unique scent.


TOP NOTES: Cedar Leaf; Bergamot; Lime; Lavandin

MIDDLE NOTES: Mimosa; Jasmine; Guaiacwood

BASE NOTES: Heliotrope; Tonka Bean; Musk; Sandalwood


By itself Clean Cashmere is a gorgeous creamy, clean-laundry-type scent.  It has the perfect projection, it sits close to the skin, but not so close that I can’t smell it at all.  It wears well throughout the day, and doesn’t change significantly.  I have an issue with fragrances that become a completely different scent during the course of the day.  Of course perfumes all change, but some more than others.

When layering, I like to apply Clean Cashmere first, and the other fragrance over the top, and I’m really not fussy what I layer it with.  This could mean that I have some sort of super power for combining fragrances.  Or it could simply mean that I smell like a muddled mess all day.  Something to think about….


Do you layer fragrances, or stick to one at a time?

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