Sunday Scent #6 – Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey

L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake is a light and uplifting floral scent.  It was a blind buy for me last year, and initially I was a little disappointed.  I first thought it was a run of the mill floral fragrance, and that it was too similar to other perfumes in my collection.  I have grown to love it though, and I always reach for it on days when I want something that lasts, but isn’t too heady.


Issey Miyake Eau De Toilette L'eau d'Issey perfume



TOP NOTES: Lotus, Freesia, Cyclamen, Rose Water, Melon.

MIDDLE NOTES: Carnation, White Lilies, Fresh Peonies.

BASE NOTES: Musk, Amberseed, Tuberose, Osmanthos, Sandalwood, Cedarwood.




On first spray L’eau d’Issey is a little like shoving one’s face into a bunch of flowers (not totally unpleasant), but it dries down to become a less obvious, musky fragrance.  I can really smell the Sandalwood as the perfume warms up on my skin.

The longevity is excellent, and the projection is just right: not stinking out the whole room, but not undetectable either.

Looking at my – embarrassingly extensive – perfume collection, Sandalwood and Musk are the most common base notes, and I always look for one or both when buying.  To have both is a bonus, and I think that is why I love L’eau d’Issey with a passion.


What is your favourite type of scent? Floral, sweet, or something else entirely?


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