Midweek Motivation

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.- Martin Luther King


Ok, so this is not strictly speaking motivation to get us through a bad week.  But sometimes these things just need saying don’t they? Occasionally, I think we get a little bit caught up in hating.  Some people seem to actively seek out things, and people, to hate.

Why though? Does it make us feel better to criticise others? Does it satisfy us to hate, lash out and correct people? To make them feel small? To put them down? Maybe for a moment, but not long term.  It’s human nature, I get that.  Life would be exceptionally boring if we all had the same thoughts and opinions.  If nobody disagreed, and we were all going in the same direction.  Can we live and let live? Accept the differences of others? Ignore the bad, and encourage the good?

Let’s all be kind today.  The End.

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