Money Saving Make-Up

Does your make-up work hard enough for you? Does it save you money? Does it?

Do you ever justify a completely unnecessary sale purchase by working out how much money you have saved? Conveniently forgetting that if you didn’t buy it at all, it wouldn’t cost a penny.  I do this quite a lot.

Another fun way to deceive yourself, is to buy make-up that can be used in multiple ways.  It’s just good sense!  These are a few of my favourite multi-purpose make-up products.


make-up multi-purpose topshop shuffle the cards revlon highlighting palette paul and joe face and eye colour


highlighter topshop shuffle the cards chameleon glow eyeshadow


I am only going to mention powder products today; I am resisting the urge to include the Babylips Balm and Blush despite my love for it. The Topshop Chameleon Glow in Shuffle The Cards is an eyeshadow and highlighter in one.  It is the most gorgeous multi-coloured gold, with pink shimmery bits in.  Initially, I used it as a highlighter, but it is also gorgeous as an eyeshadow.  It is particularly spectacular layered over other shadows, to add dimension and an extra pop.  The Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow is another little gem that I originally bought as a highlighter.  It is more than that though.  A generous sweep over the whole face gives a pretty glow, for those days when you want to feel like a shimmery goddess.   It is also perfect for eyeshadow, and blusher.  A good all-rounder.  Excellent value for £9.99 – here. 


revlon highlighting highlighter make-up palette eyeshadow blusher blush shimmer brick bobbi brown


I have, of course,  saved the best ’til last.  The Paul and Joe Face and Eye Colour CS 094 has it all.  All the colours are gorgeous on the eye, if that’s what floats your boat.  The powders are soft and pigmented, and blend like a dream.  Personally, I do not contour, but I think the brown could be used for adding dimension to the face.  The darker pink is a perfect blusher, and the pale pink is a pretty highlighter. I tend to only use the turquoise as an eyeshadow.  I can’t say I have found a second use for that one. Yet.  If you travel a lot, I think this would make a handy addition to a scaled down make-up selection.  I also have to mention the packaging, which – at the risk of sounding like a giddy tween – is soooo cute.  It has flamingos on it.  And it’s gold.  And the powders have faces on! Get yours here.


paul and joe eyeshadow and face palette cd 094 spring 2015 ciollection famingos powder highlighter eyeshadow blusher


Of course if I were to try hard enough, I could probably use almost any make-up product for something other than the use it was intended for. But, really, where’s the fun in that? As satisfying as it is to use one palette all over my face, it is also exciting to have an extensive collection of daft and unnecessary make-up items.


What about you? Do you like a one size fits all approach to your make-up collection?


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    1. I know, it’s adorable! Multi-use products are something I am considering more – not that I ever travel, I’m just running out of space!
      Thanks for reading x

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