Sunday Scent #10 – Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame

After a busy old week (hence the distinct lack of blog posts), I am spending a rainy Easter Sunday with family, and wearing Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ma Dame.

Created in 2008, this perfume has the familiar corset themed bottle.  Despite the fact that I have horror flashbacks of Madonna wearing a very revealing Jean Paul Gaultier ‘corset’ back in her exhibitionist days (Google it.  Or don’t, it can’t be unseen), I really like the bottles of Gaultier’s perfumes.  Especially the almost radioactive qualities of Ma Dame.


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MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Grenadine

BASE NOTES: Musk, Virginia Cedar


As you would expect from the notes, Ma Dame starts with a fruity burst, and warms to a musky floral fragrance very quickly.  If I am honest, I don’t like the way it smells for the first  minutes or so.  It is quite a strong scent initially, and is a little synthetic.  That’s not to say I dislike it after it warms up though.  If you have read any of my other Sunday Scents, then you’ll know that I am partial to a floral, musky perfume or two.  Ma Dame is like no other perfume in my collection; it is pretty unique.


For an Eau de Toilette, the lasting power and projection are both excellent.  A little bit goes a long way, and given that Ma Dame is really quite affordable (currently £23 for 50 ml from Debenhams – here)

Apparently Ma Dame is aimed at a young audience.  So, not me then.  Do I care though? Not one little bit.  I’m not even sure I would associate this perfume with one age group over another.  Some perfumes do indeed scream ‘old lady’ or ‘teenager’, but I don’t think Ma Dame is one of those.  It’s modern and all-inclusive.  Just how I like my perfumes.



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