Tinted Lip Products That My Lips Love

At the risk of being accused of not being a ‘real’ beauty lover, I am making a lip-related confession.  I don’t really like lipsticks.  There I said it.

I just don’t go gaga about lip products in same the way that I get excited about blushers, highlighters and eyeshadow palettes.  I did try; I even wrote about my favourite nude lipsticksThat still stands, but other than that I just don’t really love lipsticks of any kind.  I find matte lipsticks too dry; liquid lipsticks are just yuck;  and glossy lipsticks don’t suit me.  And this is before I even think about finding colours that don’t make my teeth look yellow, or my skin sallow. I hate that lipsticks either dry to a hard shell, or they come off at the slightest breeze.


lip balm tint oil lipstick bourjois nyx wet'n'wild yves saint laurent ysl lancome juicy shaker juicy tube maybelline

Unfortunately, I also find that my face doesn’t look quite finished without something on my lips.   So, what to do? For me, the solution is tinted lip products. Lips oils and balms have become my new best friends.  And in true Joyful Things fashion, I have a whole collection.  (Why can’t I just have one of something? Honestly, it’s just greedy).

All of these lip products have different formulas, textures and finishes.  They do all have one thing in common, though; they all offer a sheer sweep of colour, along with a moisturising layer.   For day to day wear, when often I have no other make-up on, they are perfect.


lip balm tint oil lipstick bourjois nyx wet'n'wild yves saint laurent ysl lancome juicy shaker juicy tube maybelline


For a more lasting tint of colour, I go for either the Lancôme Juicy Shakers, or the Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-in-Oil.  Both are an oil based lip colour, which sounds disgusting but it’s really not.  The oil disappears fairly quickly, to leave behind a subtle hint of colour.  Gorgeous.  On seriously dry days I like to reach for my NYX Butter Lip Balm in Panna Cotta, or the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons ( I have Proudly Naked and Peach on the Beach) The Bourjois Lip Crayons have SPF 15 too, which make them a good choice for the upcoming warmer weather (I live in hope).  I haven’t had the Wet’n’Wild Mega Slicks Balm Stain in Pink Promise for very long, and haven’t used it as much as the Bourjois crayons.  On first impression, it offers a nice amount of colour and hydration, and the lasting power is as good as these lip balms tend to be.  The colour is a little on the shimmery side for me, and has that ’80s pearly sheen to it.  However, mixed with another lip colour, it is perfectly wearable.


I love the Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-one Cheek and Lip Beauty Balm, and the Maybelline Baby Lips Balm and Blush for both cheeks and lips.  I have three of the wonderful Baby Lips balms (Innocent Peach, Booming Ruby and Flirty Pink) and I cannot recommend them enough.  I have managed to shoehorn at least one of them into every post since I bought Innocent Peach, which shows how dedicated I am to them.  The Physicians Formula balm is a little more dry when applied, but it still hydrates my lips exceptionally well, while giving a subtle hint of colour.


Probably one of the things I love most about lip balms, is that they can be reapplied without a mirror.  There is less risk of lipstick-on-the-teeth syndrome, and they are generally much easier to wear than lipsticks and the like.  I also have the most ridiculously sensitive lips you could ever meet; they get dry and cracked at the slightest thing.  So, for me, tinted lip balms and oils are a happy medium; a little bit of colour without the irritation.


What do you think? Do you too have a passion for lip balms, or do you like good old-fashioned lipsticks?





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