Current Mood: Low

We are going to get a little bit real today, I’m afraid.

I’ve been having some feelings.  Not happy feelings, and I need an outlet.  No, it’s not about beauty, it’s not motivational, and it probably won’t help anyone. But I need to get some things out of my head before it cracks wide open. Stuff and things.




I have been neglecting my blog over the last couple of months, this is for a combination of reasons. I’m feeling a little unhappy; heavy, and weighed down by life.  I do have some wonderful little people in my life (four little ones actually) and they keep me going most of the time.  I am also very fortunate to have a supportive family around me.

So, I can’t really complain.  Yet, I still feel like something is missing.  I feel a heaviness in my heart, I feel like I’m underground, trying to find my way out, as blind as a mole. Trying this path, and that path – none of them right.  I can’t see the daylight.

There are things I want for my career that may or may not happen.  I’m currently training for a change in career path, and I don’t want to do it. It’s something that will benefit our family financially.  But in reality, it’s probably the last thing I want to be doing. In fact there’s no guarantee that I will get any work from it. The only benefit will be financial (no small thing, I know).

And, it’s leaving me even less time for hobbies;  to pursue other avenues.  Career options that I actually want to pursue.

So, is that it?

I’m not getting any younger.  Am I going to lie on my deathbed and think, what was all that for? Does it really matter? Should I just be happy with my lot, and make the most of it? Not everyone gets to do a job they love.  Some of us just have to pay the bills.

Why though? Why can’t I do something that I love, as well as pays the bills?

I’m sorry for the ramble, this probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I hope I don’t sound like a spoilt brat. That’s not really me, I just have some things to work through.


Until next time….


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My Top Three: Powder Bronzers

It has been a looong time since my last Top Three post.  I thought it was about time I recorded my favourite bronzers for posterity.  You know, so future generations can be sure of which bronzers were my actual favourite, at this actual moment in time.


The body shop honey bronzer h&m solar flair bronzer sheer tan bourjois maxi delight bronzer


While I do own a couple of liquid bronzing items, I do find powders to be the most user-friendly, and foolproof options.  None of these bronzers are new, and in fact I almost definitely mentioned each of them at least once before. But that just means I love them, not that I’m boring. …. I hope.


the body shop honey bronzer


The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder is probably the most idiot proof of them all. I have shade no. 2, Fair Matte, and it is a cool toned bronzer that is completely matte.  For winter days, or when I am looking for a subtle hint of colour, this is the perfect option.  I love that it is easy to blend, and doesn’t leave a massive brown spot where the brush lands. It does take some building up, but that may be the shade choice, rather than the product.


bourjois maxi delight bronzer bronzed tanning tanned face make-up


For a deeper colour the Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer is my top choice.  This particular bronzer was a ‘gift with purchase’ in Boots last year, and a good one at that.  According to the back of the pan it should ‘[enhance] and prolong [your] tan’, and it contains mother-of-pearl and Beta-Carotene. I can’t vouch for its tan-prolonging properties, because I very rarely tan, preferring the fake kind.  However, as a bronzer to warm up the skin on pale days, it’s fab.


H&M solar flair bronzer bronzing powder sheer tan bronzed make-up flattering face


Finally, an offering from H&M.  I absolutely love the Solar Flair Bronzing Powder in Sheer Tan.  It’s a satin matte, and on my skin tone it is just enough to give a light dusting of bronzy goodness. The powder itself is light and easy to blend, and not at all terrifying, like some bronzers.


As we enter summer, I will be utilizing my bronzer stash a lot more, in the quest for warm, sun-kissed skin.  These three are my most reached for, and remain my favourites, even after so many months.

What are your favourite bronzers? Or do you prefer to keep things more natural?


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Sunday Scent #13 – Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

So, in true Joyful Things stylee, when I find something I like, I have to have every variation of it.  I do it with clothing, make-up perfume – everything.  My first Marc Jacobs perfume was Daisy Eau So Fresh, followed by Daisy Dream, and lastly Daisy Blush.


I described Daisy Blush (badly) here, and now it’s time for me to tell you why I’m wearing Daisy Dream this week.


marc jacobs daisy dream daisy blush daisy eau de toilette perfume scent fragtrance blackberry coconut notes musk woody musky sandalwood parfum


TOP NOTES: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Pear.

MIDDLE NOTES: Wisteria, Jasmine, Lychee.

BASE NOTES: White Wood, Musk, Coconut.


When I looked up the notes for Daisy Dream, I was surprised to see coconut.  It’s definitely not the first ingredient that comes to mind when I smell it.  It definitely opens with fruity notes, and is both sweet and sour. Sometimes the most gorgeous fragrances are a bit nasty to begin with, before reaching their full potential on drying down.  Daisy Dream is gorgeous from the start; even though it causes me to sneeze like a goodun.

It seems to stay pretty fruity (but not sweet) on me, before becoming musky and gorgeous after a few hours. I love that it lasts into the evening, without being overpowering for everyone else I come into contact with.  I think it is probably best suited to spring and summer. Not that I believe in rules as such, but there is something very spring-like about Daisy Dream.


I highly recommend Daisy Dream if you are in the market for a fresh, fruity fragrance.  Just don’t expect a summer coconutty scent.


joyfulthings joyful things beauty blog family blogger skincare mascara eyeshadow lipstick lip balm cleanser toner moisturiser makeup make-up primer blush blusher nail polish


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Lip-Smackingly Good

Back to basics – the conditioning lip products that I can’t live without

When I was a pre-teen (about a hundred years ago), I was addicted to cherry flavoured Chapstick. I would apply it more times in a day than was strictly necessary.  If I even smell anything cherry scented now, it will instantly transport me back to my school playground days. This addiction moved on, and as a teenager I would apply whatever lip balms I could get my hands on.


lip balm eight hour lip protectant elkizabeth arden lush bubblegum lip scrub

Now, if you have ever had a lip balm addiction, then you will be well aware that this is not necessarily a good thing. I haven’t done any specific scientifical research into the phenomenon that is ‘lip balm reliance’, but I am pretty sure that applying moisturising lip products every hour on the hour eventually become counter-productive.  In my experience, when I overdid the Chapstick application, my lips could no longer fend for themselves.  They too became addicted, and with it they were even more dry and cracked. What the what?!

Soooo, I went cold-turkey.  I cut myself off. No more cherry Chapstick for me. *sad face*

As an adult, however, I thought I may be able to trust myself to be sensible in my lip balm usage. And so the search began, to find one that would soothe my – often sensitive – dry lips.  I am really quite fussy about lip balms.  They can’t be too sticky, dry or smelly. I like them to be moisturising (obviously), and preferably in stick form so that I don’t have to poke (potentially dirty) fingers into a pot. If this were a movie, this would be where there would be a montage of me trying – and disliking – several lip balms. Fascinating stuff. I have settled on a couple of lovely lip saviours since then.


elizabeth arden eight hour cream lip protectant balm

You may notice from my pictures that neither of the products I am talking about today are in stick form. Oh well, you can’t tick every box can you. I have been using the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Cream Protectant for a few months, and it is wonderfully fabulous. Yes, it’s in a pot, but I can – just about – ignore that.  It is perfectly moisturising, and doesn’t leave a sticky mess behind.  It is glossy, and not so dry that I need to dig my nail in to get anything out.  No surprises there, considering the cult status of the Eight Hour products. Elizabeth Arden also offer a similar lip protectant in a stick form, and in tinted form too!! (lip tints and oils are my latest obsession).


lush lip balm lip scrub sugar bubblegum popcorn mint jojoba oil review

For taking away dry bits, I have recently discovered the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Ohmygerrsssh. This stuff is amazing.  It is a little bit fiddly and messy.  It’s really hard to JUST apply it to the lips; it usually ends up on my chin, all over my hands, and sprinkled on whatever surface I am standing near at the time. But it smells and tastes divine. The Lush Lip Scrubs (they also have mint and popcorn flavours) are oil based, so are a little bit moisturising as well as exfoliating. Being Lush, they are also vegan, and non-toxic.  Of course, you could very easily concoct a home-made alternative, and in fact when I run out I plan to give that a go (I’ll keep you posted!).


If you too have sensitive lips (mine are the worst) then you will understand the almost claustrophobic feeling that comes with having dry, chapped lips. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it is a real pleasure to have found a couple of lip products that deal with this.  All things in moderation though, and I try not to apply lip balm more often than I need to. I wouldn’t want to have to stage an intervention on myself.


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