My Top Three: Powder Bronzers

It has been a looong time since my last Top Three post.  I thought it was about time I recorded my favourite bronzers for posterity.  You know, so future generations can be sure of which bronzers were my actual favourite, at this actual moment in time.


The body shop honey bronzer h&m solar flair bronzer sheer tan bourjois maxi delight bronzer


While I do own a couple of liquid bronzing items, I do find powders to be the most user-friendly, and foolproof options.  None of these bronzers are new, and in fact I almost definitely mentioned each of them at least once before. But that just means I love them, not that I’m boring. …. I hope.


the body shop honey bronzer


The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder is probably the most idiot proof of them all. I have shade no. 2, Fair Matte, and it is a cool toned bronzer that is completely matte.  For winter days, or when I am looking for a subtle hint of colour, this is the perfect option.  I love that it is easy to blend, and doesn’t leave a massive brown spot where the brush lands. It does take some building up, but that may be the shade choice, rather than the product.


bourjois maxi delight bronzer bronzed tanning tanned face make-up


For a deeper colour the Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer is my top choice.  This particular bronzer was a ‘gift with purchase’ in Boots last year, and a good one at that.  According to the back of the pan it should ‘[enhance] and prolong [your] tan’, and it contains mother-of-pearl and Beta-Carotene. I can’t vouch for its tan-prolonging properties, because I very rarely tan, preferring the fake kind.  However, as a bronzer to warm up the skin on pale days, it’s fab.


H&M solar flair bronzer bronzing powder sheer tan bronzed make-up flattering face


Finally, an offering from H&M.  I absolutely love the Solar Flair Bronzing Powder in Sheer Tan.  It’s a satin matte, and on my skin tone it is just enough to give a light dusting of bronzy goodness. The powder itself is light and easy to blend, and not at all terrifying, like some bronzers.


As we enter summer, I will be utilizing my bronzer stash a lot more, in the quest for warm, sun-kissed skin.  These three are my most reached for, and remain my favourites, even after so many months.

What are your favourite bronzers? Or do you prefer to keep things more natural?


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