ColourPop Haul and Review

Around this time last year, I wrote a post complaining about the fact that ColourPop don’t ship to the UK (#firstworldproblems). I was aware that there were ways of getting around this, but I was always too nervous to give it a go.  Every now and then I would Google different companies that ship to the UK, and would be put off by the high charges.


colourpop super shock shadows trickery dreamcatcher smokin' whistles weenie hanky panky effect liberty get paid get lucky

I eventually decided to just go for it (helped along by the offer of twenty percent off the entire ColourPop website), and so then began the mammoth task of choosing between all the amazing looking products.

After staring at pictures of highlighters and blushers for what felt like hours, I eventually narrowed down my selection to a few eyeshadows, a blusher, an eyeliner and two highlighters.

colourpop dreamcatcher highlighter blusher cosmetics make-up eyeshadow colour shock
ColourPop Dreamcatcher


Being a highlighter addict, I was most looking forward to playing with Dreamcatcher and Smokin’ Whistles. I wasn’t disappointed when I swatched them initially – they really are gorgeous.  Dream Catcher is the more gold of the two; Smokin’ Whistles is almost white when applied, although it doesn’t look it in the pan.  If you aren’t familiar with ColourPop products, the formula is like nothing else I have ever used.  The highlighters are silky, and almost wet feeling, but they aren’t creamy on the skin.  It is really quite a bizarre texture.  They are springy in the pan, and as light as a feather to the touch.


smokin whistles smoke n whistles highlighter blusher super shock face make-up


On the face though, the colour really doesn’t last and pretty much blend away to nothing. So disappointing for me, especially as Dream Catcher is absolutely stunning.


colourpop blusher trickery face make-up


The blusher – Trickery – on the other hand is just perfect.  In the pan it is pink and pretty, and on the skin it gives a gorgeous flush of colour.  It is subtle, and natural looking.  In fact, my favourite way to wear it is on days that I am pretending not to have any make-up on. ColourPop recommend that the best way to apply their blushers is with fingers, because of the unique formula. Trickery is a little different from the highlighters; it’s a bit drier and more powdery. Somewhere between a cream and a powder.


I was so keen to try the ColourPop eyeshadows, and reaallly struggled to control myself.  I could quite easily have ordered every single one. Five was the magic number on this occasion though, and I tried to get a range, while also choosing colours that would complement each other to some extent. The formula is just wow, and although some are more intense than others, they are all gorgeous, once you get the hang of applying them.



Hanky Panky (above, right) is a really pretty matte taupe colour, that works beautifully as a crease colour. I wear a lot of browns, bronzes and golds on my eyes, and Hanky Panky is suitable for all varieties of browns.  Being matte, it is very wearable all over the lid too.

Probably my least favourite is Effect (above, left), not because I don’t like the deep teal colour, but because it wasn’t the best choice for me. My eyes are, annoyingly, very deep set, and wearing dark colours can make them disappear into my head. I still do it though, because I like to wear dark colours. Effect can be a little patchy, and needs some work to get it to look acceptable. I usually put it very lightly in the crease, blended to the lightest version of itself. It looks particularly stunning with Liberty (below) on the lid. Liberty is straight up Tin Man silver. I get so excited when I use Liberty, I could honestly just sit and look at it for hours at a time.


colourpop liberty eyeshadow colour shock



Weenie (above, right)is the most gorgeous rose gold shimmery shade.  All the shades created by Kathleen Lights are gorgeous, but the first quad wasn’t available (Where The Light Is), so I just purchased Weenie. For now.

Get Lucky (above, left) is my ideal colour. My eyes are dark brown, and gold is probably my favourite eyeshadow shade to compliment them. Especially in the summer, with lots of bronzer and highlight.  It’s like I think I’m Jennifer Lopez or something.


colourpop super shock shadows matte
L-R; Liberty; Weenie; Get Lucky; Effect; Hanky Panky

Generally speaking, the eyeshadows are best applied with fingers, although I do use a brush for anything that needs blending out. The shimmery shades feel so unique to me; very cool to the touch and, like the highlighters, almost wet feeling. The matte colours are a little more like the traditional powder eyeshadow formulation.



Lastly, I did also purchase a Crème Gel eyeliner. Get Paid is a bronze eyeliner, and is soft and glide-y. The Crème Gel Liners can be blended out, but this needs to be done quickly.  Like, seriously quickly. I like to do one eye at a time, because once this baby dries, it isn’t going anywhere. My favourite way to wear Get Paid is on the bottom lash line and waterline, with not much on the top lid.


I’m glad I finally satisfied my curiosity and purchased some ColourPop.  The formula is odd, but excellent.  I suspect if I had easy access to their products, I would own the whole collection very quickly.  The added cost of having to ship from the US to the UK made it a little too expensive for my liking.  Even with the generous discount, and ColourPop’s already very affordable prices.

If ColourPop ever decide to ship to the UK, I will be a very happy (and poor) bunny.


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Getting Back on Track

Good morning…

So, things have been a little quiet in the world of Joyful Things these days. If you stumbled across my little blog over the last month you may have wondered whether I had given up, or simply dropped off the face of the earth.  Or perhaps you didn’t notice.  Either is fine.

depression quitting giving up blogging success depressed unhappy positivity positive negative negativity dealing with


For me, my moods and emotions can be tracked by how much I blog.  For some, blogging is therapy, or release, for me it seems to be the first thing that suffers when life gets too much. Not because I don’t enjoy it.  Not at all; I would say that starting this blog was one of the best things I ever did. It has quite honestly changed my life.  This little break was purely because it seemed frivolous to be writing about my favourite makeup when in the midst of an apparent early midlife crisis. I actually think that is the first time I have been early for anything.

Things still haven’t resolved themselves really. I made an impulsive decision about my future, and it will take a miracle for that to go away. So if anyone has a direct line to God maybe you could put a word in for me, because it seems He doesn’t want to deal with my whining voice at the moment.



This post is likely to be a bit of a muddle, because my brain is in a bit of a muddle. It’s also not very helpful, and quite possibly not very interesting (this blog post, not my brain…)

I’m working on the mess, though. Sorting through the scattered papers on desks, floors, table tops and chairs inside the many rooms of my mind. I could employ a cleaner, but I have always been one to do things myself; not asking for help even when juggling more than I can comfortably handle. I’ll keep going until I finish, or drop from the weight of it all.

Whichever comes first.

I plan for normal service to resume soon.  Next week I finish with a project that has taken up way too much of my time over the last two months.  I’ll be able to take a break until the next phase, and I will be making the most of that time, to get my blogging mojo back.

My content may evolve and change a little, as I evolve and change a little. I hope that’s ok.


Anyway, thanks for taking a few moments to read my ramblings. I hope you will return when my blog becomes a little more Joyful Things, and a little less Moaning Things.

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