Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

I don’t know what it is about the way life is currently, but why is it so frowned upon to do nothing?  Why do we have to be so gosh darned productive all the time?

Everyone seems to be writing listicles about how to be more productive, or how to get more done, or how to squeeze more tasks into an already crowded day.


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With more and more people working for themselves, and trying to be successful in a shorter amount of time, I fear it’s only going to get worse.

After Christmas I felt pretty exhausted (as I’m sure a lot of people did).  January is a notoriously blue month. Money is low, we feel a bit fat, we haven’t stopped for what feels like weeks and we just generally feel bleugh.

So take it easy, yes?

Nope. We still want to get back to it.  To work; to blogging; to life, all at full force.

Personally, I am excellent at doing not very much.  What I’m not very good at is enjoying it.  If I have a day where I don’t tick off all – or most – of my to-do list then I feel like a failure. And I’m not really a perfectionist, or particularly ambitious, so I can’t imagine how other more motivated people must feel.

My husband was working from home a couple of days ago, and I was sitting at my computer not doing what I should have been doing (making some money), and was instead doing what I definitely should not have been doing (trying my hardest to spend some money).  I caught myself, and mentioned to my husband that I had been doing nothing, when I should have been doing something useful.

He was pretty shocked that I was being so hard on myself, and told me in not so many words that I should give myself a break, and, well, take a break.  And more importantly not to feel bad about it.


Well, that’s easier said than done, my friend.

I am honestly trying though, and while that guilt will probably never entirely go away, I am trying not to be SO hard on myself.  Trying to take some ‘me’ time, and making the most of it.  Not beating myself up for sitting on my butt for an hour or so, and actually just stopping every now and again.

Do you know what makes you more productive? Being less productive sometimes. Resting, and recharging your batteries, that’s what.  What is the point in running yourself into the ground, making yourself ill and then being forced to take time off?  I think in 2017, we should all just slow down a bit.  Stop rushing; get some fresh air; talk to a stranger; do something out of the normal routine.  Even just for five minutes.

But do it deliberately and enjoy it.  Easy right?


So, when I say ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’ I’m talking to myself too.


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