Find YOUR Happy Place

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Do you ever open up Instagram and just wish you hadn’t bothered?

No matter who I follow (and it’s quite an eclectic mix) my feed still seems to be filled with both extremes of the happiness spectrum.  If I didn’t know better, I would assume that the whole world is either contentedly sitting wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, with a cup of milky tea, watching Netflix;  or severely depressed.

There is no in between.


On a bad day, I find both ‘realities’ difficult.  I can feel simultaneously intimidated by those who are (seemingly) happier than me, and negatively influenced by those that are miserable.

Now, this says a lot more about me than about anyone else.  The logical part of me knows that most photos are posed, and that in reality these people are not sitting in bed all day every day eating cake and binge watching Stranger Things.  But it’s hard to remember that when I am exhausted, have a sick child, and a house that resembles a pigsty.

It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Of course, nobody is living the perfect life, despite what the world of Instagram would have you believe.


Personally, I am choosing to find my own Happy Place.  As much as sunny beach shots speak to me, I could never travel regularly.  I love to be at home more than anything else. I do love to snuggle up in a blanket, and Netflix is my friend,  but do I really want to sit on my butt all day watching TV? No, not especially.

I have decided to look inwards to find my own happiness, instead of comparing my (perceived) inadequacies with those of Social Media Influencers.


As odd as it seems, finding what makes me happy has been a journey.  It’s a common misconception that happiness comes from the outside.  I would say – long lasting – happiness has to come from within.  Of course my family makes me happy, there is nothing quite like a giggling 3 year old to perk you up, but I also need time alone (preferably outside) to really get the happy juices flowing.

So, despite not making any New Year’s resolutions this year, I do intend to spend as much time moving in the fresh air as I possibly can over the coming months.


Apparently outside is my happy place, so where is yours?


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