Face Brushes That I Lurve

Brushes for the face are an essential tool when applying make-up.  If you have the funds for high end make-up brushes then great, but if not is it possible to get quality for an affordable price?  I think so, and here are five of my favourites.


Real Techniques Sedona Lace Topshop Brushes Brush Make-Up Face Powder Blusher Setting


The Topshop Blusher Brush is my first choice for blusher.  Apart from the fact that I am obsessed with the pink fluffy tip of the brush, it is the perfect size and shape for applying a flush of colour to my cheeks.  I have a few Sedona Lace brushes, and the Synthetic Small Round Dome 217 brush is the only one that has survived being washed repeatedly.  The eyeshadow blending brushes have become a little scratchy, and are not my favourites.  However, this little dome brush is excellent for blending out concealer under the eyes, and sometimes I use it for setting my concealer.


Real Techniques Powder Brushes Brush Face Make-up
Real Techniques Powder Brush


For affordable beauty accessories Real Techniques offer some of the best, in my opinion.  The RT Powder Brush is gorgeous; it is so soft and fluffy, and makes applying powder a most pleasant sensation.  For highlighting, I use the Contour Brush, because it is the perfect shape for applying some glittery loveliness to the high points of the face.  If I am a bit heavy handed with the blusher and highlight (this happens frequently) then I will use the soft and dense Buffing Brush to diffuse it slightly.


Real Techniques Buffing Brush brushes face make-up
Real Techniques Buffing Brush


These are my top five face brushes, they are all affordable and have retained their shape and texture even after washing.  Although the range isn’t huge, I do love Real Techniques for affordable, quality make-up tools.  I adore Morphe’s eyeshadow brushes, and I will be choosing some of their face brushes next, as soon as my bank balance will allow it.

What are your favourite brushes? Do you favour high end, or high street?

You can see my top picks for eye shadow brushes here.        




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My Top Five: Eyeshadow Brushes

If you are a makeup enthusiast then you will no doubt have a plentiful brush collection. While it isn’t essential to have hundreds of brushes, it is useful to have a few in different sizes. Unless you enjoy washing them every day. I hate washing my brushes, so I am greedy and I have many. Which is pretty counter-productive if you think about it. I have lots so that I can get away with washing them less often, but consequently have more to wash. D’oh.


Anyway, I do have my favourites, and here they are.


Morphe M505 – Tapered Blender. I love this fluffy little guy. He is perfect for blending eyeshadows. My typical eye look – because of my eye shape – is a dark matte colour in the crease (and above, because my eyes are quite hooded) and a complimentary shimmery colour on the lid. This Morphe brush blends out the crease colour like a dream; it is SO soft, and there is no scratching whatsoever. I have a few Morphe brushes, and they are truly amazing. There are very affordable (here) and they also wash perfectly. There is nothing worse than a brush that loses its mojo after being washed.


Sedona Lace Eye Shading Brush 305 Speaking of not washing well…. I have a few Sedona Lace brushes, and with the exception of this one, and one other (the Small Round Dome – 217), they are awful to wash. I don’t know if I was unlucky – I don’t know much about Sedona Lace’s reputation – or if they are all terrible. However, this lovely Shader Brush is wonderful. It has very short bristles, so it is great for applying colour just where you want it, and it is super soft on the eye. Sedona Lace are not available in the UK, other than on Amazon for ridiculously inflated prices.  However, the US based site (here) frequently offer huge discounts, and free shipping – even to the UK.




These Lamora brushes are a real treat. They were very inexpensive, I paid £9.95 for this set of seven on Amazon in September.  They are really excellent brushes.  These ones are vegan and synthetic. The Detailed Pencil, and the Blending Brush are my most-used of the set. They are all wonderfully soft, and they are a pleasure to wash (well, not really, but you know what I mean) The pencil brush is best used for the lower lash line, or for small areas (maybe the inner corner, if you choose to highlight there). It might also be good for a fancy cut-crease – I am the opposite of fancy so can’t tell for sure.  The Blending brush is, again, soft and lovely to use for blending (what else?!).


Finally in my top 5, is the Real Techniques Detailer Brush I use this simply for highlighting my inner corner, which I don’t always do, but when I do I prefer a tiny brush do it with. Real Techniques are very popular, and are reasonably affordable. For the quality that you get, I do think they are worth every penny.  This particular brush was part of the Core Collection (here) I also like to support the Pixiwoo girls, because they are so lovely, and some of the most down-to-earth people on YouTube, and in the beauty industry.


So, these are my top five brushes for eyeshadow.  Make sure you check back soon for my top five face brushes.

Which brushes would make your top five? Do you have any of my favourites in your collection?

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My Top Five: Barry M Nail Paints

I can’t actually remember a time when I wasn’t fanatical about nail polish.  As a teenager with very little money, my make-up collection was very basic, but I did love to match my nails to my outfit.  Somewhere along the way I stopped matching, but my collection continued to grow. A little while ago I discovered Barry M, and I was hooked. This blog post was meant to be part of my ‘Top Three’ series, but do you think I could narrow it down to three?! Not likely.  So, here are my top five Barry M Nail Paints.


L-R Barry M Nail Paint Lap of Honour; Grapefruit; Sugar Plum; Blood Orange; Eat My Dust

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint – Lap of Honour (£3.99 here  ) This gorgeous muted lilac is a perfect spring/summer shade and is subtle enough to wear to the office. Maybe. The brushes on the Speedy Quick Dry line are a little bit wider and flatter than the normal brushes, and cover the nail in only a couple of swipes.  The formula for all Barry M nail Paints is fabulous; creamy, thick and opaque, and this is no exception.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint – Grapefruit  (£3.99 here). This unique colour is more than a basic pink, and is so pretty and unlike anything else that I own.  It’s really a summer shade, but that doesn’t stop me rocking it in November.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint – Sugar Plum (3.99 here ) Another purple/pink colour.  I didn’t realise how many of these I had.  This one is a little less subtle, but just as gorgeous as the previous two.  I love to pair it with either Lap of Honour, or another complimentary or contrasting colour.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint – Blood Orange (£3.99 here ) Now this bright red polish is such a gorgeous hue.  It is pretty vampy, so maybe not one for a conservative work place.  In my opinion Blood Orange is perfect for all four seasons, and I know I’ll be wearing it loads coming up to Christmas.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint – Eat My Dust (£3.99 here) I can’t decide if this polish is grey or very pale blue, but either way I love it.  It is easy to wear; being very pale it is less obvious when it chips.  In typical Barry M style, it is another excellent polish, that goes on smoothly and evenly.


As I may have mentioned, I have great affection for all Barry M Nail Paints, because they are so affordable, and excellent quality with it.  I have fallen for the hype in the past, and spent crazy amounts on high end nail polishes, but I really do not see the benefit in spending more than a fiver on a bottle of nail varnish.

What is your favourite nail polish brand?  Do you prefer high end, or a more affordable option?

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