My Everyday Make-Up : Autumn Edition

Since the summer when I last wrote about my everyday make-up, the list of products has changed quite a bit.  So, I thought I would do an updated list of my favourite pretty stuff to put on my face.




I usually change up my actual base products depending on how I’m feeling that day, and depending how much coverage I need.  Two products that are pretty constant though are the Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer, and the Yves Saint Laurent Touche EclatThe Make Up Forever concealer is heavy duty, and I’m not sure it is really designed for under the eyes as it is a little drying.  If used with a good moisturiser and eye cream then it is just about acceptable, although it doesn’t cover my dark circles completely. I use the Touche Eclat to brighten things up a little.  The next three steps may be familiar to you if you have read my blog before; Nars Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Setting Powder, followed by the new(ish) H&M Bronzer, and blusher.  I love the Nars powder for setting any shiny areas, and it is probably the only powder I have ever used that I can use on my dry skin (read more here).  I have been using the H&M Solar Flair Bronzing Powder in Sheer Tan, and the Cream Blusher in Dusty Rose for two months, and I still love them both from the bottom of my heart.  I have more or less used them both non-stop ands I just keep coming back to them; particularly the blusher – it is my absolute favourite (read more about H&M Beauty here).



Recently, I have been going more for warm eyeshadows, whereas before I would only wear cool toned colours.  I blame the change in seasons.  My technique hasn’t changed much though, that still involves a darker colour in the crease and a complimentary sparkly colour on the lid.  Because my eyes are deep set, I just find that this is the best look for me.  Surprisingly for me, I have been using a brown shade in the crease, and the gorgeous orange shade above (surprising because brown and orange are my least favourite colours, along with yellow).  This is the Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette, and despite having it for several months, I hadn’t really dipped into it properly until this month.  I love this peachy orange (second row from the bottom, third from left).  Although it doesn’t look too interesting in the palette, on the eyelids it becomes this amazing shimmery peach/gold loveliness.



I have been trying this Bourjois Fan-Tastic Black Mascara recently, and it is pretty not bad.  The brush is just plain odd, I’m not sure that this picture does it justice.  It is basically a terrifying teeny tiny comb.  It works well separating the lashes, and adds a good amount of length, if you can get used to the idea of several rows of spikes coming towards your eyeball.  For eyebrows, I have fallen for this Brow Pencil in Vicious Circle by Topshop.  It is one of the Topshop Beauty items that I actually like.  It’s just soft enough, and has a built in spooly on the end to brush through brows.  I have found that using a pencil fro blonde hair actually works really well for me, despite the fact that I am very dark brunette.  I find using a dark brown pencil actually looks way too harsh on me, and the lighter shade is much more flattering.


The Chameleon Glow in Shuffle the Cards is a multi-use product; it is listed with the eyeshadows on Topshop’s website, but I use it as a highlighter too.  It is very gold, so only wear if you want to be mistaken for the sun.  The lipstick that I finish with is the lovely Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Olivia. One of my favourite nude lipsticks. It goes with every look, and gives just enough colour, with a hint of hydration.


I’m sure the colours of my eyeshadow will change as the days go by, and maybe the basics too.  For now though, these are my everyday go-to products, when I want there to be no uncertainty about the finished look.

Which products have you stuck with through thick and thin? Do you have any everyday products that you can’t part with?

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Glossybox – September 2015

Glossybox September 2015


The September Glossybox – the Style Edition – comes in a gorgeous box with a pastel water colour style image on the front.  Inside there is the usual wrapping; tissue paper bound with a bright pink ribbon.  This being my first Glossybox, I was so excited to open it and discover the contents.  I have deliberately avoided reading other reviews online, to avoid spoiling the surprise.  While I am glad I did, I have to be honest I was really disappointed with the contents this month.

This month’s Glossybox contains five products, all of which are full-sized.  Two hair related items; one makeup; one tool; and one nail polish.  All designed to be the ‘starter kit for the new season’.




Bellapierre Shimmer Powder

This is a really pretty greyish, shimmery loose eyeshadow,  Being the clumsy oaf that I am, I usually avoid loose shadows, because the chances of me dropping it all over the carpet are higher than the chances of Mail Online featuring a Kardashian based article on any given day.  I will, however, be braving the mess, and will give this pretty shadow a go – even if I sit in the garden to apply it.

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro

A lovely soft shader brush.  I am amassing quite the brush collection, mainly because the more I have, the longer I can go between washes.  I’m just waiting for the day that someone invents a quality disposable brush.  Anyone want to get on that? Anyone? *watches tumbleweed rolling past*

Although I have never heard of the brand Marsk, I am not really a brush snob, and as long as it does the job I am not fussy what name is printed on the side.

Maria Nila Luminous Colour Hair Masque

This masque smells lovely, and is both sulphate and paraben free, in addition to being vegan.  I don’t  currently have coloured hair, but that won’t stop me slathering this baby all over my hair.  It promises to give me the ‘glossiest locks ever’, which can’t be bad.


September-2015-Glossybox (2)


Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring

These little hair ties are described as a ‘…clever spiral design…[that will] secure your locks without leaving a kink…’  What strange contraptions they are. With their spring-like shape they looked to me – on first impressions – as though they would simply become a tangled mess.  In all honesty, that first impression was correct.  Now, I don’t have enough length to test these out properly (as in wear them out for the day – not unless I want to look a bit odd with a mini ponytail perched on the top of my head), but I did try one as I was curious about the shape, and I thought perhaps my three year old could get some use out of them.  Ouch! It immediately became entangled, and really did not want to come free again.  Sadly, not something I will be using if I ever grow my hair out again.

Nails Inc Nail Polish

The colour of this polish – a greenish khaki colour – would not be one that I would normally choose.  However, It is actually a perfect shade for Autumn.  The Nails Inc formulation is a winner in my eyes, their polishes go on smoothly, and last a decent amount of time on my poor mistreated nails.


I had been toying with the idea of subscribing to a beauty subscription for a many months prior to this month, and after a fair bit of research I narrowed it down to a choice of two.  I finally decided on Glossybox, because the past products seemed more suited to my tastes.  So I was super excited when this Style Edition box arrived.  Overall, I was not impressed with the contents.  Yes, the value is high (close to £65) but the products are really not that inspiring.  Hopefully the next month will be a little more exciting.

Now, I’m off to the back garden to do my eye makeup.


What do you think? Do you receive Glossyboxes, did you like the contents this month?




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Products Used – Would I Repurchase?

Last week I shared with you my monthly favourites for the month of July, but what about the items I have used up over the last few weeks? I know you are just desperate to see my empty bits and bobs.




Starting with the shampoo I have been loving for the last two months; the Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Shampoo.  I did an in-depth review here, so I will simply say I love this shampoo (and the conditioner, but that is far from empty) for my fine hair.  I won’t be repurchasing, but only because I can’t justify the high price at the moment.

Next, I have the lovely Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop.  I have been using this cleanser on and off for years, and have purchased it more than once.  It is a lovely soothing cleansing oil, and I would recommend it for both morning cleansing, and removing makeup.  As is the norm with an oil, it is applied to dry skin, and then massaged in with a small amount of water.  It turns to milky consistency, and melts away dirt and makeup alike.  Love the stuff.  I’m sure I will buy it again in the future, but for now I am enjoying changing it up a bit (I confess, I am a fickle beast).

I have also used – at a ridiculous speed, I might add – the Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Gel.  It smells like marshmallows! Need I say more?

Next, is the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub.  This is a lovely gritty body scrub that does the job, without leaving an unpleasant greasy feel to the skin. It does have quite a strong scent, and if it isn’t followed by body lotion and/or perfume, then it does linger into the day.  I would purchase this again, although I am just as happy with any number of other body scrubs.

Finally, two Lush cleansers; Let the Good Times Roll, and Angels on Bare Skin.  I have mentioned both of these previously (here, and here) and I love them both.  I have already repurchased Let the Good Times Roll, and I use it every morning with joy.  I am actually having a bit of a love affair with Lush at the moment, after not discovering them until very recently, and I have a few other products on the go that I hope to review soon!

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to find me on Bloglovin!


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Nyx Makeup Setting Spray – Dewy Finish

I don’t think there is much that is more frustrating than spending precious time applying makeup, only to have it melt off your face within minutes of stepping away from the mirror.  I have heard of using hairspray as a setting spray, but I don’t even like using fake tan that’s intended for the body on my face, so hairspray on my face is certainly not my thang.  I read once that the quicker you do your makeup, the less time it will last before making a bid for freedom.  I don’t know if this is necessarily true;  it takes me ages to do mine most of the time, and it certainly doesn’t always last ages.


Nyx Makeup Setting Spray – Dewy Finish

 I have been trying the Nyx Makeup Setting Spray this week, in the Dewy Finish.  I bought it a while ago, but hadn’t got around to actually using it.   Nyx claim that this spray will keep makeup in place whatever the weather, while leaving a dewy finish to the skin.   It doesn’t have a strong scent, which can be taken as a plus (or a minus if you like smelly stuff, like me).  It is very light, and undetectable on the skin, both on the inside (as in I wasn’t aware of it) and on the outside (to the touch).  As with any sort of spray, I find that it is best applied after mascara – to avoid transference of the mascara to other places it really has no business being.

I can also report that as a setting spray it is very effective, although I didn’t notice a change to the dewiness of my face (my skin is on the dry side though).  On average I wore makeup for 7 hours, and found that my face looked very much the same at the end of the day as it did at the beginning.  Overall, very impressive.

The Nyx Makeup Setting Spray can be found for around £6.50 here on Amazon, or £8 from Very here.

Which setting sprays have you tried, and which have you found most effective?

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Exciting New Makeup Brand – Freedom London

June was an exciting month in the beauty world, lots of new products and a whole new brand launched. Freedom Makeup has been developed by the name behind Makeup Revolution – Adam Minto (AKA Mr Makeup). Being a pretty big Revolution fan, I couldn’t wait to get my grubby mitts on some Freedom bits and bobs. I ordered almost immediately, and waited eagerly for my delivery.


It is billed as a professional range, which I am not, but it is available for us unprofessionals too. So far all purchases must be made online, but I believe they may be launching in stores soon.

Pro Curve Mascara

First up Pro Curve Mascara– of course there would be a mascara, this is me we’re talking about. This mascara is ok. It isn’t anything special, but it’s £2. That’s two pounds, people! If you are on a tight budget, then this mascara is perfectly adequate, it just won’t give you the fattest, longest lashes of everyone in the room. Well, unless you’re the only one there, then I suppose it will.

Purr and Meow
Purr and Meow

Next, two of the Pro Glow powder compacts (of which there are four) Meow and Purr; £2.50 each. I’m not entirely sure what to make of these, they are designed to be swept over the skin to create a glow, or you can pick out individual shades. I found that these are more bronzer than anything else – which is fine by me – and they are very soft and powdery. So a light hand is definitely needed, I all but rammed my brush in to Purr and it made quite the mess.
I mentioned the Pro Correct Palette (£5) in my Super Speedy Routine post I really love this palette. As someone who literally dreams about finding a concealer that will actually hide their dark circles, correctors and concealers are extremely exciting. This one is very creamy, and not at all drying under the eyes. I have used it almost every time I have done my makeup in the last month.

Pro Correct Palette

I also went for a highlighter; Pro Highlight, in Brighten, because I just can’t get enough highlighters. I do love to get my glow on. This highlighter is a very useful addition to my growing collection, it is not overly pigmented, but is just glowy enough to wear on more natural makeup days.

Pro Highlight in Brighten
Play Kit and Stunning Rose Kit
Play Kit and Stunning Rose Kit

The eyeshadow palettes that I purchased are a bit hit and miss, if I’m honest. The Pro Shade and Brighten palette ‘Play Kit’ contains some lovely purples and blues, with a pretty green thrown in for good measure. These colours are mostly great, with excellent pigmentation, although the plummy purple colour disappears when it is blended. The ‘Stunning Rose Kit’ palette on the other hand, is fantastic; pigmented, soft and blendable. What more can a girl ask for? At £2.50 each, these palettes are a steal. Being very small palettes, they are perfect for popping in your bag for touch ups.

Overall, I have been very impressed with Freedom Makeup. If you have thought about purchasing, but have been undecided, then I say go for it. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Have you purchased anything from Freedom yet? If so, what did you get, and what do you think?

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The Smallest of Hauls & First Impressions

I have been nearing the end of my Origins GinZing moisturiser  over the last few days.  And, being as fickle as the day is long I have decided not to repurchase it.  As much as I have enjoyed using it, I just don’t feel that it is ‘The One’.

 Despite my decision to have a less spenderific July, I found myself in Boots yesterday.  I did manage to keep my spending to a minimum (honest, guv) and just picked up two Soap and Glory moisturisers (and some nappies for the baby, but they are kind of essential).  I went for Speed Plump and For Daily Youth.  I’m not greedy, but there was a ‘Buy one, get one half price’ offer on, so I thought I would get two, in the hope that one will knock my socks off.




Speed Plump (here) promises to give ‘tighter, brighter, firmer, smoother looking skin’ and apparently has ‘Moistureplump’ technology.  For Daily Youth (here) is a 6 – in – 1 Multi-Active moisture lotion, which will ‘Mazimize moisture levels, soothe stressed skin, rejuvenate tired skin, improve elasticity, soften and smoothe the skin’.  Wow.  Both promise great things, I hope at least one will prove to be my new must-have skincare product.  If results were in any way related to packaging then I would be on to a winner – I just love Soap and Glory packaging.

I used Speed Plump today, and so far so good.  It is for dry/dehydrated skin, but it’s not in any way heavy. A little bit goes a long way, and it disappeared into my skin without leaving a legacy in the form of a greasy film.

I will see how I get on over the next few days, and will report back… Stay tuned!!

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Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Blush – How I Love Thee

A little while ago I noticed quite a lot of buzz in the YouTube world around the Laura Geller Baked Gelato  Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey.    The first time I saw it swatched I pretty much squealed with excitement.  I immediately went online thinking I didn’t care how much it cost, just knowing that I HAD to have it.  Well, unfortunately the Internet had other plans.  Apparently my dream highlighter is not readily available in the UK (is any of the good stuff?) I was thrilled to find it on QVC, but it was already out of stock. Very sad face.

So, I’m sulking a little as I write this. Instead of oohing and aahing over the Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator I’d like share with you one of my favourite blushers of the moment.  The Laura Geller Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Rosewater. Now there’s a mouthful.   The formula of this blusher is something else; it’s creamy and soft, and the pigmentation is spot on.




Look how pretty it is!  I’m easily pleased, so even the swirl design gets me all hot under the collar.




Here is a swatch. Looking closely here you can see a little bit of shimmer, although it’s not overwhelming on the skin. (But then this comes from a highlighter obsessive) Some may find a light hand is enough for them, but I like to pack it on for a full on flush.


I’m keen to try some other Laura Geller products in the future.  Unfortunately I am on a self-imposed spending ban over the next couple of months, so it won’t be any time soon.


Have you tried any of the Laura Geller range? What brand or product would be on your shopping list, if money was no object?

Thanks for reading!



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Maybelline Superstay 24 Lip Colour – Does it Superstay?

Being fairly new to lipsticks and glosses (yes, really), the struggle of finding lip colours that last without drying my lips out is not something I have had to contend with previously.  But I can honestly say, the struggle is real.  As I have mentioned before, I always preferred not to use lipsticks (I’m including all lip products in this – other than lip balms and creams), because I used to find that they would cause my sensitive lips to become dry, and sore.

It wasn’t until this year at the grand old age of (ahem) that I finally thought I would give the world of lip products another go.  So, being me and not doing anything by halves, I promptly bought several thousand lipsticks, lip butters, and lip glosses.  For the most part, I haven’t had a problem.  I suspect that nothing has changed my end, but the formula of lipsticks etc, has come a long way since the dark ages.

Anyway, the point of this fascinating little ramble is that I recently purchased the Maybelline Superstay 24 Lipcolour.  I only bought one shade; their bestselling Soft Taupe.  Incidentally, I already have this colour in a different formulation, apparently I’m boring like that.



The idea is that you apply the lipcolour, wait two minutes for it to dry, then slick the lip balm over the top to condition.   Maybelline state that it will then last up to 24 hours, with no crumbling, fading or transference.  So, how does it go on? Really smoothly actually; setting pretty quickly without feeling overly drying.  It didn’t bleed on me, and although not glossy, it isn’t too matte either.  Weirdly, the first time I wore it, I noticed that it disappeared a couple of hours later.  On subsequent occasions, however, it has lasted.  And lasted.  To the point that I actually struggled to get it off again, but there’s always something isn’t there?

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My Super Speedy Summer Everyday Makeup

If I am truthful, and truthful is my middle name, I only wear ‘full – on’ makeup maybe once every fortnight.  Twice at a  push.  This is purely because of a lack of time, not desire.  I LOVE to do my makeup; I find it strangely therapeutic.  I adore choosing what I am going to use, and experimenting with different eye looks.  However, I am already late everywhere I go without spending an hour blending out my eyeshadow beforehand.  So here, my friends, are the products that I can pop on quickly for a fuss-free look, when I will be just pottering around and running errands.





I start with my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, mixed with a little Dream Bronze Sunkissed Glow Perfector BB Cream.  The Bronze BB cream is designed to be used alone, but it is quite dark, even in Light/Medium, so I prefer to mix it with my favourite BB Cream.  Lovely Jubbly.  I then follow with the Freedom Makeup Pro Correct Palette.  This is a fairly new purchase, but I am really loving it for under my eyes and other areas that need a little more coverage.  It doesn’t completely cover my under eye circles – I have yet to find anything that does – what I like about it is the consistency. It is light and not at all drying, and I like being able to mix the exact shade that I need.  I choose not to set with any powder, because my skin can get very cakey if I am not careful.

Another new(ish) purchase is the Bourjois Aqua Blush in No.3 Pink Twice.  I am no stranger to cream blushers and cheek stains (I used the Body Shop lip and cheek tint for years, until quite recently), but this is the nicest I have ever used.  The colour is just right for my complexion (not the fairest of them all, but close) and it leaves a lovely hydrating little flush.  It doesn’t shift at all during the day either.  My bronzer of choice is the Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in No. 2.  This is a really lovely bronzer; it is subtle and buildable, and not at all glittery.  It looks nothing in the pan, the shade I have is only slightly darker than a face powder, but it is magical on the skin.  Next up is highlighter.  On ‘natural’ days I like to reach for my Makeup Academy Shimmer Highlighter in Pink Shimmer.  This has just the right amount of glow; which makes it visible, but not blinding.

To finish I curl my eyelashes – of course – and add a little bit of my current favourite mascara; Maybelline Big Eyes Rebel Black. I love this little guy.  It is thick, but not clumpy, and the little mini brush is perfect for the lower lashes.   I then follow with Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown.  This is the only brow mascara-type product I have ever used (other than plucking them I have pretty much left them alone until recently), so I don’t know how it compares with other similar products.  I find that it gives me just enough colour to fill in any sparse areas, and holds without going rock-hard or flaky.

And that is it.  I can usually slap this little lot on in around five minutes, and be out the door in another 120 minutes or so (do you have any idea how long it takes to get a baby and a three year old ready? Ages, that’s how long).

Disclaimer:  Despite appearances, this post is not sponsored by Maybelline, I just happen to like quite a lot of their products.

Thanks for reading, as always!  Let me know in the comments below what your favourite quick-face products are, and do you switch it up depending on the season?

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May Favourites

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser 

I am a little late to the Lush party (I was doing my makeup, sorry) but I’m here now!  I have been using this gentle, exfoliating cleanser for around 6 weeks now, and I absolutely love the effect it has had on my skin.  I have, quite frankly, never looked so glowy and radiant.  I would describe my skin as combination, although it errs more on the dry side.  I can also be a little sensitive to some products, which manifests itself in bumps along my jawline. This is quite rare though, and I wouldn’t say it is top of my problems (that would be my dry patches, if you’re interested).  I wasn’t sure initially that my skin would be able to cope with exfoliating every day, but I have had no problems at all.  To be honest, the smell isn’t great, but it is worth it for baby soft cheeks.

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB cream (in Light) and Pixi by Petra Glow Mist


Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB cream (in Light) and Pixi by Petra Glow Mist

It has been stated, by at least one Youtube beauty guru, that a BB cream is just a glorified tinted moisturiser.  Now I will neither confirm nor deny this, but what I will say is that this Maybelline BB cream is rather nice.  It is very hydrating (a must for me) and offers just enough coverage that I look healthy and a little more even, but not cakey.  It’s quick and easy to use, and is one of my all time favourites.  It also offers SPF 30.

I really thought about the Pixi Glow Mist before purchasing, I added it to my basket (I bought mine on ASOS) multiple times, and then didn’t complete the purchase.  Although not massively expensive, it seemed a little too much to spend on a spray that may not be any better than expensive oily water (Smashbox Primer Water anyone?).  I read a few reviews though, and eventually decided to bite the bullet.  I didn’t regret it either.  If you like a dewy look, then this is your guy.  It acts as a refresher throughout the day, and can also be used on bare skin to hydrate.  I use it after applying makeup (before mascara, otherwise I end up with black smudges all around my eyes – not a good look) and any time I need to perk things up a bit. I haven’t noticed it leaving an oily film on my skin; it dries very quickly and smells divine.


Maybelline Color Sensational in Tantalizing Taupe

I struggle with lipsticks.  I want to wear them, but unfortunately my lips do not agree.  In the past lipsticks and glosses have left me with dry, sore lips; so I pretty much gave up for a while.  Recently, however, I decided to give it another go.  I stumbled across this lovely nude shade whilst browsing in Boots, and got quite excited.  It seemed creamy, and I thought the colour  would be a good start for someone who is not used to drawing attention to their lips.  I couldn’t wait to wear it, and was pleasantly surprised that it did not have a drying or irritating effect on my sensitive lips.  Hooray!

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Pink Lights


Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Pink Lights

I am a blusher and highlighter addict.  There I said it.  I am really impressed by Makeup Revolution (or just ‘Revolution’?) in general. Their prices are scandalously low, and the quality is, mostly, fantastic.  This highlighter is gorgeous.  It is pretty pigmented, so a little goes a long way, but it gives a really  lovely glow, without being glittery.  It is quite pink, so suits my fair complexion.  I also have Peach Lights and Golden Lights, which are also very pretty (Golden Lights is veeerrryy gold, so not for the fainthearted).

Disclaimer:  All of these products were purchased by me – using my husband’s hard-earned money. ?


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