Kerastase Mousse Bouffante: Want Volume? Try This!

I have talked before about my hair struggles – here – there is a lot of it, but it’s very fine, which equates to flathead if I’m not careful.  I have tried a multidude of volumising mousses in the past, and most have resulted in solid and/or sticky hair.  Conversely, I am also terrified of too much volume.  As much as I hate flathead, puffhead is just as undesirable.


Kerastase Mousse Bouffant


So, you could describe me as a little bit daft when, while browsing on, I came across the Kerastase Mousse Bouffante and added it to my basket.  It’s got the word Bouffant in the name for heaven’s sake!  I forget what I was actually hunting for at the time, and why this particular green can stood out to me.  I know what I wasn’t looking for though: volumising mousse.

So that goes some way to explain why the first time I tried it I was fairly sceptical. Kerastase itself is part of the trusted L’oreal group. I generally gravitate towards L’oreal for shampoos, as I find it is the only brand that doesn’t irritate my scalp (and I have tried more brands than I care to mention, over the years). Nonetheless, I expected the usual immovable helmet hair after blow drying.  I was also cautious not to inject too much life into my barnett, in case it started to veer into actual bouffant territory.

I was beyond pleased to discover though, that it left me with soft, manageable and slightly more lifted hair than usual.  Over the last six months or so, the length of my hair has varied greatly, but this fabulous mousse has been a constant.  I use it regularly, and am confident that it will give just enough lift, without stiffness.  In fact it’s like I just stepped out of a salon, and yes, I am worth it.


Have you tried the Kerastase Mousse Bouffante, or indeed any other volumising mousse?  What is your biggest issue with your hair (if you have one!)?


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Hair Talk – Trevor Sorbie Keratin + Argan Magnetic Multi Wand

Over the last 12 months my hair has gone from below shoulder length to jaw length.  That sounds accidental doesn’t it – but no, I have short hair voluntarily.  Unlike skincare and makeup, I like to keep things extremely simple with my hair.  If I could get away with just washing and going, I would.  Unfortunately my hair has frizzy tendencies, so needs a hairdryer to calm it down.  I then either straighten, or curl.

Even if I had the time – which I don’t – I still doubt that I would spend longer than 10 minutes styling my hair.  I prefer a more natural ‘I woke up like this’ look.  My styling tools of choice are my Ghd straighteners (of course), which although expensive have lasted me over 10 years (!) and the Trevor Sorbie Keratin + Argan Magnetic Multi Wand.



L – R large wand; small wand; and bubble wand attachments

This curling wand has three attachments; a small barrel for tight curls, a bubble attachment for a more natural wave, and a larger barrel for big curls.  The attachments are magnetic, so super easy to swap, and are ceramic – which minimises damage to the hair.  There are multiple heat settings, between 150 and 200 C, which allows you to control how much heat you subject your hair to.  A useful feature for those whose hair needs a little more TLC.  I always make sure I use the heat resistant glove, after the time I badly burnt my finger – I still have the scar to remind me, should I forget.  Another handy feature is the heat resistant storage bag, which opens out flat, a must for resting the wand on while hot.  My husband still hasn’t forgiven me for the hole in the carpet caused by my Ghds.  Oops.

When my hair was longer I would use the bubble attachment, for a beachy wave.  Now that I have less length to play with, I use the small barrel.  This still gives a relaxed curl, that when it drops looks just how I like it.  On my hair the curls do last until the second day, when I spritz with a low-hold hairspray after styling.

Which tools and products do you like to use on your hair? Have you ever rocked a beehive, or do you like a more relaxed look?

PS: This is what happens when trying to take photos with small children around.  My youngest wanted in on the action.


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I’ve Been Shopping…

I took a quick dash into my local town today, with a list of three or four things that I wanted to pick up.  I came home with a LOT more than that.

.DSC_0073 DSC_0076 I’m really looking forward to trying everything – obviously – but in particular I am excited about the MUA Makeup Academy palettes (top picture).  They were very reasonably priced, from Superdrug, and they seem pretty pigmented.  Also, the new Bourjois Aqua Blush 12 Hour.  I bought mine from Boots, but it also seems to be readily available elsewhere.  I also purchased the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara.  Mainly because of the packaging, but also because – as I have mentioned before – I am always on the lookout for the perfect mascara.  Boots are currently offering a free gift of a Maxi Delight bronzing powder; Bronzing Powder Brush; and a Color Boost Lip Crayon in the colour Peach on the Beach, when spending over £15 on Bourjois products.  So I HAD to get the mascara to bump the total to more than £15.  I had to, alright?

I’m planning to do a first impressions post on a few of these babies, so check back soon for that.

Disclaimer: as usual I have not been paid to mention any particular shop, product or brand.  These are simply the products that called my name the loudest when I was shopping today.

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