A Little Something to Celebrate the New Year

So, it’s the beginning of January, December’s credit card bill was absolutely terrifying, and January will involve meals of dry bread and water.  And what do the shops do? They decide that now would be a good time to reduce all stock by 99% and are practically begging us to spend more, more, more!! Now, if you are like me then you will go ‘sod the sales, I am going to find the ONE item that is still full price and buy THAT instead’. Yeah, good thinking.   So, seeing that Beauty Bay are now stocking Makeup Geek (Excuse me, but when did this happen, and why did no-one inform me?) I thought I would do a little non-sale shopping.




Being a YouTube beauty tutorial addict, I have had it drummed in to my brain that Makeup Geek and Morphe eyeshadows are most excellent.  I admit, I am a sucker for eyeshadows, so it doesn’t take much persuasion for me to add more to my – slightly sickening – collection.



I decided on three ‘normal’ Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans (£4.95 each here); one Foiled Makeup Geek eyeshadow pan (£7.95 each here); and one Duo Chrome Makeup Geek eyeshadow pan (£4.95 each here).  The Morphe single eyeshadow selection is fairly limited (£1.95 each here), so I only purchased one.





To hold all these beautiful little pans, I have this smart Z Palette (£8.95 here).  This is the small size and will hold up to 9 pans of this size, it even comes with some magnetic stickers if you wanted to de-pot some existing blushers or eyeshadows.


Other than swatching, I haven’t had a chance to play with the shadows properly, but I plan to in the coming days.  Going by the swatches, I doubt I will be disappointed, but come back soon for a full review.

Have you tried any Makeup Geek, or Morphe? Do you love them, or are they not worth the YouTube hype?

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I’ve Been Shopping…

I took a quick dash into my local town today, with a list of three or four things that I wanted to pick up.  I came home with a LOT more than that.

.DSC_0073 DSC_0076 I’m really looking forward to trying everything – obviously – but in particular I am excited about the MUA Makeup Academy palettes (top picture).  They were very reasonably priced, from Superdrug, and they seem pretty pigmented.  Also, the new Bourjois Aqua Blush 12 Hour.  I bought mine from Boots, but it also seems to be readily available elsewhere.  I also purchased the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara.  Mainly because of the packaging, but also because – as I have mentioned before – I am always on the lookout for the perfect mascara.  Boots are currently offering a free gift of a Maxi Delight bronzing powder; Bronzing Powder Brush; and a Color Boost Lip Crayon in the colour Peach on the Beach, when spending over £15 on Bourjois products.  So I HAD to get the mascara to bump the total to more than £15.  I had to, alright?

I’m planning to do a first impressions post on a few of these babies, so check back soon for that.

Disclaimer: as usual I have not been paid to mention any particular shop, product or brand.  These are simply the products that called my name the loudest when I was shopping today.

*This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support of Joyful Things!*