Sunday Scent #13 – Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

So, in true Joyful Things stylee, when I find something I like, I have to have every variation of it.  I do it with clothing, make-up perfume – everything.  My first Marc Jacobs perfume was Daisy Eau So Fresh, followed by Daisy Dream, and lastly Daisy Blush.


I described Daisy Blush (badly) here, and now it’s time for me to tell you why I’m wearing Daisy Dream this week.


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TOP NOTES: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Pear.

MIDDLE NOTES: Wisteria, Jasmine, Lychee.

BASE NOTES: White Wood, Musk, Coconut.


When I looked up the notes for Daisy Dream, I was surprised to see coconut.  It’s definitely not the first ingredient that comes to mind when I smell it.  It definitely opens with fruity notes, and is both sweet and sour. Sometimes the most gorgeous fragrances are a bit nasty to begin with, before reaching their full potential on drying down.  Daisy Dream is gorgeous from the start; even though it causes me to sneeze like a goodun.

It seems to stay pretty fruity (but not sweet) on me, before becoming musky and gorgeous after a few hours. I love that it lasts into the evening, without being overpowering for everyone else I come into contact with.  I think it is probably best suited to spring and summer. Not that I believe in rules as such, but there is something very spring-like about Daisy Dream.


I highly recommend Daisy Dream if you are in the market for a fresh, fruity fragrance.  Just don’t expect a summer coconutty scent.


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