Nars Crystal Powder – A Flawless Finish Even for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, setting powders can be both a blessing and a curse.  While useful for setting concealer – to stop it moving around, and creasing – powders can also simply highlight the areas that you really would like to keep under wraps.   Personally, I have tried a few over the years, and loved only one.  The Nars Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Setting Powder is that one.





It comes in both loose and pressed form – I have the loose variety.  What makes it so lovable for me, is the texture,  It is silky smooth, and so finely milled that it is hard not to inhale it while applying. I am pretty sure the inside of my lungs reflect light like the moon.  A little bit goes a long way, and a light dusting over concealer is enough to brighten and set the under eye area.  Being so lightweight, it doesn’t cause that dusty dried out skin that is so ageing – which is particularly wonderful.

I also like to use the Nars Crystal Powder on my forehead, where I can suffer from visible pores.  Rather than clinging on to dry patches and settling into lines, it simply glides over the skin leaving my forehead as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  The lasting power is reasonably good, and it fades naturally without becoming patchy or lumpy. Oily skin types would probably need to reapply during the day, but fear not, it still does not cake.  It really is miraculous!

The one downside is the price – £26.50 here, or £25 for the Light Reflecting Setting Pressed Powder here. ( I haven’t used the pressed powder myself, but I have heard that it is also excellent.)  However, the pot is a large one – 10g/0.35oz – and will last for ages.  So assuming one doesn’t breathe it all in, then it will last a good while.  Well worth the cost in my opinion.


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