My Top Three: Nude Lipsticks

Lipsticks and me have a very complicated relationship.  As much as I want to love them, I find it very difficult to find colours that suit me, and as for the formula? Well, I want light; but long lasting; moisturising, but not sticky; shiny, but not wet; and pigmented, but not staining. I’m not asking for much!

I don’t know if I am going about things the wrong way, but it is nigh on impossible for me to find shades other than nudes that suit me.  The struggle is real. So I guess that makes it all the more special that these lipsticks have actually made the grade, to become my top three.




*Glo & Ray Creamy Matte Lip Colour – 610 Venus.  I wrote a proper review on the few Glo & Ray items that I own here and I raved about this lipstick.  The colour, although possibly too light for some, is the perfect nude for me.  The lipstick itself is creamy and moisturising, and a pleasure to wear.




Next up, a very affordable option; NYX Black Label Lipstick in 117 Earthy .  I suspect I am cheating a little calling this a nude – it is actually quite pink. But, definitions of nude aside, this lipstick is a pretty shimmery nude/pink, that is comfortable on the lips and is sheer enough not to look like a throw back to the 80s frosted lipstick trend. So people tell me anyway.  I certainly don’t remember the 80s – I am far too young for that. Honestly.




And finally, the Stila Color Balm Lipstick in OliviaA more high end option, this lipstick is a cross between a lip balm and a lipstick.  It is moisturising and pleasant on the lips, while also staying put pretty well.  Ignoring the fact that I mainly purchased this particular shade because my eldest daughter is called Olivia, I really love the colour.  It is the one lipstick that stays with me at all times.  I don’t like to carry makeup in my bag, because I rarely touch up on the go, and I don’t like to take risks quite frankly.  I can guarantee that the one time I decide to put a powder or liquid product in my bag, it will explode, leaving me very cross.  Why take the chance?  Olivia, though, (the lipstick, not the daughter) is tucked safely in the little zip up compartment in my current bag, and has never lost her lid, or leaked.  Perfect.


What is your favourite nude lipstick? Come and find me on Twitter and tell me! I am always on the lookout for more nudes to add to my collection.



*This Lipstick was a PR sample – All opinions are still entirely my own.


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My Top Three: Eyeshadow Palettes

I have been thinking about writing an eyeshadow palette collection post for a while now, but I haven’t quite been able to pull my finger out and actually get started.  The issue is, I just have far too many palettes to mention.  I wouldn’t describe it as an addiction exactly, but it’s just that I need all the palettes.

So, with great difficulty,  I thought instead I would choose my current top three instead.


eyeshadow palettes

Makeup Academy Eyeshadow Palette – Spring Break – £4

Apart from the fact that this little palette is a real so-and-so to open, I love it; it is a lovely mix of mostly muted colours.  Of the 12, there is only one matte brown, and the rest are shimmery shades.  There is a deep plummy purple, complemented by neutrals and pinks, and the mint green is a gorgeous pop of colour.  For the price, this is a great addition to any makeup collection, and it is slim enough to fit in a bag for touch-ups throughout the day (if you are so inclined).

Makeup Academy Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette
Makeup Academy Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette


Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette
Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette

Makeup Revolution Affirmation Eyeshadow Palette – £8

This super affordable 32 shade palette is in my top three for the range of colours, 12 of which are mattes, and 20 of which are shimmers.  There is a good mix of golds, browns and purples with charcoal and rose pink thrown in for good measure.  This is one palette that can be used to create a whole look, without fiddling around elsewhere for a transition or crease shade.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette -£39

This palette will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was my first Too Faced purchase, and it started my love for the brand.  Admittedly, this is a creepy loitering in the bushes kind of love, but it’s love all the same.  The colours in this particular palette are a mix of golden shimmers, and neutrals complemented by pinks and plum shades.  The colour payoff is superb, and to top it all off, it smells like chocolate.  It can be used for a complete eye look, including two brow bone highlighting shades (one matte, one shimmer).  It is less affordable than my other two choices, but I think it is worth it.

There they are, my three favourite, and most used eyeshadow palettes.  Except, I just have to give an honourable mention to the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette £38. I can’t really include this in my top picks, because the colours are not what I would describe as easy to wear.  I have used it; I love wearing the pink and purple shades together, and I have used the silver all over the lid on top of a less vibrant purple.  It is just so gorgeous though, the colours are mind-blowingly pigmented, with a soft blendable texture.


Urban Decay Electric Palette (2)     Urban Decay Electric Palette



Do you have a favourite palette?  What do you love about it? Let me know below; I am always on the look out for new eyeshadow palettes!

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