Sunday Scent #7 – Valentino Donna

Donna by Valentino was probably one of my more exciting perfume purchases.  I had seen it many times in magazines, and had madly rubbed the sample over my neck and wrists – trying to get every last molecule of scent onto my skin.  Being Valentino, I assumed it would be expensive. I was not wrongIt was definitely a treat for myself, purely because I have so many perfumes that I need to be careful not to get carried away with cost.



Valentino Donna Eau de parfum 30ml perfume fragrance scent


TOP NOTES: Bergamot

MIDDLE NOTES: Bulgarian Rose, Iris

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Leather, Vanilla


When I first spray Donna, it is very sweet – and a little overpowering.  Thankfully it does settle into a more subtle scent.  It’s actually really hard to describe, because it is so unusual.  It’s almost…. messy. There is a definite floral undertone, but it isn’t your typical flowery fragrance.  Donna is classy, and long-wearing, with a musky (or leathery) base.  She’s warm, feminine, but not girly.


valentino donna eau de parfum perfume fragrance


It is easy to overdo it with this perfume – a quick spritz on both wrists is enough – because the projection is impressive.  In all honesty, at £97 per 100ml, it’s best used sparingly. If I followed rules, then I would only wear Donna at night. I don’t follow beauty rules, and I never leave my house in the evenings, so that leaves me no choice – day time it is.


Have you tried Valentino Donna?  What do you think of her?



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